Ian Gillan: I am attracted by the constant spirit of adventure-seeking in Armenia

Ian Gillan: I am attracted by the constant spirit of adventure-seeking in Armenia

Gillan says he will be back soon with a concert for all rock loving Armenians.

Tony Iommi was among musicians awarded with Armenia’s “Order of Honour”

This week was very special to rock-lovers in Armenia – legend of world rock Ian Gillan, vocalist of British rock band Deep Purple visited Armenia. He arrived in the country with other British musicians in the framework of ‘Armenia Grateful to Rock’ program.

The objective of the program, was to express gratitude to those musicians who 20 years ago participated in the Rock Aid Armenia, the aim of which was to help Armenia to liquidate the consequences of the Spitak Earthquake 1988.

In 1989, within the framework of Rock Aid Armenia, the British rock-stars recorded Deep Purple’s classic ‘Smoke on the Water;’ and also released a disk called Rock Aid Armenia.

Along with Gillan, Tony Iommi (guitar), from Black Sabbath, and others also visited Armenia. The musicians were awarded with the ‘Orders of Honor,’ which were delivered to them by Prime Minister of Armenia Tigran Sargsyan.

During a press conference on Friday, Gillan announced that what he likes about Armenia is that “the constant spirit of adventure-seeking is always present in the atmosphere.” (Gillan was in Armenia in 1990.)

The musicians also announced that they had released the remix of the song ‘Smoke on the Water,’ all the benefits of which will be directed to the realization of the projects in the zone of Spitak Earthquake.

Iommi, in his turn, announced that they will keep on supporting Armenia, and during the upcoming one month the song ‘Rock-n-Roll’ (Led Zeppelin), as well as another song by Black Sabbath will also be recorded.

Gillan also stated that in March 2010 he will visit Armenia, but this time with a concert.

“When I came here in 1990 I was shocked by what I saw in Spitak. It is hard to pass everything in words; since then my voice is broken every time I try to remember and speak about it. Now Armenia is different, and as if I am here for the first time. But not only then but also now I am very much attracted by the spirit,” said the legendary singer.