All’s Forgotten: Emmy says she’s overcome “confusion”, ready to wave tricolor at Eurovision

An Armenian pop music star said she was leaving her differences with the public broadcaster behind after H1 Public TV made her the choice as the country’s Eurovision participant in 2011.

Emma Bejanyan, known by her stage name Emmy, and H1 announced the decision at a press conference on December 11 and said only the entry song to be performed by the petite vocalist in Dusseldorf, Germany, next spring would be subject to selection.

Last February Emmy and her stage partner Mihran Kirakosian challenged the results of the Eurovision national selection final announced by Armenian Public Television that gave victory to Russia-born Eva Rivas (Valeria Reshetnikova-Tsaturyan), while placing the duet hopefuls only second.

Back then Emmy’s mother and producer Nadezhda Sargsyan even threatened a court action over the ‘rigged vote’. And Emmy herself said she was offended by Public Television Board Chairman Alexan Harutyunyan, whom she accused of breaking his promise that she would be picked as Armenia’s Eurovision 2010 entry.

“You could have easily heard me saying all those things in the confusing situation that existed back then after that [national selection] contest. I still do not go back on my words. I was offended then, but if I am here today then that means I have forgotten everything,” the 26-year-old songstress told media.

Harutyunyan, sitting next to Emmy, also struck a ‘let bygones be bygones’ note as he praised Emmy’s willingness to engage.

“Emmy has long been ready to participate in the contest. We talked to Emmy, asked her to represent Armenia and she did not refuse. Now all of us ought to stand next to her and do everything for Armenia to have a successful entry,” he emphasized.

The Public TV official also said that this year an artistic panel will make a shortlist of songs submitted for Emmy to perform at Eurovision, while the entry song itself will be selected through a public vote.

“This is not the first time such a format is chosen. This is how Andre and Sirusho went to Eurovision,” Harutyunyan said, adding that he expected Emmy to make a good representation of her country at Eurovision.

Emmy, too, sounded determined to try to bring home victory from the popular pop music contest.

“I’m representing the tricolor. We have a very good group, and we will do everything for our tricolor to fly high in Europe,” said Emmy.

Eurovision is an annual song contest held among active member countries of the European Broadcasting Union since 1956.

Armenia debuted in the contest in 2006 and all of its five participants since then have finished within the top ten.

Armenia’s 2010 participant Eva Rivas finished seventh with her Apricot Stone song, while the country’s best placing was in 2008 with Sirusho and her song “Qele qele”.

The winning country serves as host to the next year’s show, which in 2011 will be in Germany.