Golden Apricot: Festival in ninth year includes special award from Church

Golden Apricot: Festival in ninth year includes special award from Church


Catholicos of All Armenians awarding Sokurov with “Yeghitsi Luys” at Holy Echmiadzin.

This year for the first time in the history of Golden Apricot International Film Festival the Armenian Apostolic Church has designed an award, which was given to a Russian film director on Thursday.

Golden Apricot, launched last Sunday, is one of the most important cultural events in Yerevan, a weeklong annual festival that gathers filmmakers, film masters and simply film fans throughout the world for the ninth year.

The film festival is presenting a total of 170 feature, short feature films and documentaries, with 65 of them included in the competition program.

The fifth day of this year’s festival was distinguished by the ceremony presenting the ‘Yeghitsi Luys’ (Let There Be Light) award, designed by the Armenian Apostolic Church. In the ceremonies hall of Gevorkian Theological Seminary of the Mother See of Holy Echmiadzin Catholicos of All Armenians His Holiness Karekin II presented the Church’s award to Alexander Sokurov for his propaganda of spiritual, cultural and humanitarian values as well as for his significant contribution to the world cinematography.

And in the evening the Yerevan première of Sokurov’s film “Faust” took place in Moscow Cinema’s full hall.

Prizes at the ninth edition of the Golden Apricot will be in four sections – feature films, documentaries, short films, and Armenian films (Armenian Panorama).

Diaspora Armenian filmmaker Suzanne Khardalian’s ‘Grandma’s Tattoos’ film was presented within the framework of the festival, with which she reveals the veil of thousands of forgotten Armenian women, who survived the Armenian Genocide in 1915 but were forced into prostitution and were tattooed to distinguish them from the locals.

The film was premièred last September in Stockholm and was shown in a number of countries in the world. And in January, ‘Grandma’s Tattoos’ was being broadcast on ‘Al Jazeera English’ TV channel for a whole week.

However, probably the most impressive and exciting moment of Golden Apricot was on Wednesday when a holy mass was served in one of churches in Yerevan to commemorate three masters of world cinematography - Michelangelo Antonioni, Tonino Guerra and Theodoros Angelopoulos.

Golden Apricot festival will last until Sunday.