Wandering artists: Yerevantsis can enjoy the mobile theater performances in the streets

Wandering artists: Yerevantsis can enjoy the mobile theater performances in the streets


Mobile theatre actors hope to bring new interest to their art

The first mobile theater starts performing in Yerevan from April 23 and will present 15-minute-long theatrical sketches in central Northern Avenue, Lovers’ and Children’s parks, the park near the Cascade and other places of the Armenian capital.

The authors of this initiative are six young actors, students of the Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinema. The performances will have no sponsors and actors are not even planning to collect money from their audience; they are simply willing to make the dream of the troupe founded in 2008 come true. The mobile theater will perform each Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the summer season.

“We want to liven up parks and recreation zones with our performances, which might spark people’s interest in theater. And this might play a decisive role for some young people, who will want to become actors and take up arts,” says Karapet Balyan, the theater’s art director.

They are not quite sure who their audience will be, because of its new theatrical format, but if children like it, they say they will consider it as a success.
The actors of the troupe unanimously decided to refrain from vulgar content – the performances will deliver a positive cultural message.

“When we walk in Yerevan streets, we hear rabiz (or low culture) music played: many young people are under its influence. I am glad because we can offer something else, which is real art,” says Nune Sukiasyan, who is one of the main actresses of the troupe.

At first they will stage mono performances, because people prefer watching to hearing outdoors. Later there will be regular as well as circus-like performances.
There are three ready performances, and another one is on its way. The mobile theater will present more than 20 performances annually (except for winter months). If successful, the theater will also travel through Armenia’s provinces, orphanages and homes for elderly people.