Conscience Wins!: HR252 approved by House Committee in surprise, tense vote

By a tense and, for some, shocking vote of 23-22 the United States Congress House Foreign Affairs Committee has approved House Resolution 252 calling for affirmation of the Armenian Genocide.

As lobbyists and analysts waited while other votes were taking place on the House floor, the “nay” votes outnumbered “yea” until the Armenian side captured the last three votes (with one member not voting).


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07.03.2010 13:56
Turkey is the only country in the world which has never committed any crimes against humanity. The rest of the world - including their war-time ally Germany - are trying to distort history when they have passed resolutions condemming a genocide which never took place. That's the Turkish position - their hands are clean and their history is unblemished. The American Ambassador's position was expressed in 1915:
05.03.2010 04:33
Anonymous; it is not 1915 anymore to fear the lives of the Armenians in Istanbul, Turkish soldiers will deploy to protect them because of the concequences of any blood shed. Plus, you cannot constantly live with fear like this, and that is exactly why the Genocide should be accepted world wide and by Turkey. Nothing good can happen to Armenia and Armenians with the current status quo, look at Karabakh, they closed the border and threatened to bomb Yerevan just because some 5000 km2 wants its freedom... this arrogance should stop, they are bypassing Armenia from every project and demand that Armenia stops supporting NKR, they know that Armenia cannot do that, because it will automatically mean the slaughter of 150 thousand Armenians in Karabakh... so it is a deadlock anyway... on another note, it seems US wants the protocols to be signed,so this is the equation due before April 24: sign the protocol = we will not vote on the bill in the house...
04.03.2010 22:04
Enjoy the fireworks! (Watching Turkey that is) It has already recalled its Ambassador (who was on 60 minutes last week)..more to come.. When France recognized the Armenian genocide (lower parliament, French senate, and president); Turkey cut off relations with France; only to send its Economic minister 6 months later to ask for assistance. Today, France is one of, if not the biggest trade partners with Turkey.
04.03.2010 21:21
They passed the same thing two years ago, it never made it to the house floor for a vote. Don't expect it to this time either. Maybe Armenia needs to realize that the USA acknowledging the genocide doesn't really matter. It won't suddenly make Turkey admit what happened...
04.03.2010 21:05
I was really hoping this would not pass, I myself am the grandchild of an Armenian Genocide survivor, but now I am fearing for the lives of our fellow Armenians living in Turkey, we have enough experience what happens when they get infuriated (the pogroms in Azerbaijan). Did any of them ever stopped and thought about those who live among the violent ultra-nationalists Turks on a daily basis and can suffer from the consequences of enraging the Turks? May my fears never come true.
04.03.2010 16:54
Its about dammed time!!!!!!!!! Hoorah!!!!!
04.03.2010 14:35
Turkey is angry as never. It is a free-floating anxiety. A serious internal revolt can start in Turkey. Arab countries, Iran, Georgia, Russia and especially Armenia and Greece should be cautious.
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