Resolution Reaction: Hillary Clinton says HR252 should not proceed

Immediately following Thursday’s dramatic House Foreign Affairs Committee vote approving House Resolution 252 affirming the Armenian Genocide, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the resolution should go no further.


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07.03.2010 16:59
SOS, i think as a race/nation we learned a hard lesson that costed us 1.5 million people and thousands of villages and cities... a nation cannot exist without an army.... We like to be independent and unique, we like our Church free without foreign control... but in this world, no one will give us these rights, you need an army to protect them.... Here we are dependent on the US secretary of state to give us justice.... Karabakh movement is the right way to move forward in this world...
07.03.2010 06:26
Shut down all embassies and consuls of nations who do not recognize the genocide and kick their behinds out of this country!! Hillary is satan!! She is the one who delayed the signing of the protocols by four hours. The media portrayed her as some hero. BS!! She is the one who tried to pull a fast one on Serge by including the Karabagh issue in to the protocols. No dice Hillary!! How disgusting does one man or woman have to be to not acknowledge a haneous crime because of profit or war!! The world is a sick place. Mountain Hideaway in northern karabagh, here I come.
06.03.2010 09:29
Stop using genocide issue as a political tool... US won't recognize it as long as it can use it to put pressure on Turkey... please, stop speaking about values while speaking about politics-a very strong example of an oxymoron... one more thing-governments may change, but a state policy hardly ever changes, the change of a policy strongly depends on the change of interests, definitely values have nothing to do there... values and interests have become synonyms in politics...
05.03.2010 04:46
i don't believe you Ms. Hillary. the current administration wants the protocols signed very soon for strategic reasons and also to have a couple of years break from the Armenian Genocide headache. You know that the only way to sign these protocols without Karabakh is through pressure, and this is the only way that Turkey will comply with US demands... house vote for protocols...
Comments are welcomed and encouraged. However, comments not pertaining to the topic or containing slander or offensive language will be deleted.
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