About Blame and Blindness: HR252 has no relevance to “protocols”

Yerevan, Armenia ain’t Washington, D.C., any more than this newsroom is a Congressional Committee hall.

But in the world we live in here, most accept what nobody, there, is saying. This:

“Normalization” talks between Armenia and Turkey, failed quite a while before a late-afternoon vote in D.C. had congresspersons talking about that possibility.

Not since last October, when State Department led “protocols” offered promises that soon became impossible to fulfill, has there been reasonable belief that Armenia and Turkey were skipping hand in hand on a yellow brick road to lollipops and Technicolor dreams.


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08.03.2010 11:34
Various comments on this web site are really funny. What you all guys think? That the protocols are a Turkish game to delay the recognition of the Genocide. So that you know, the protocols are really unpopular in Turkey and nobody want them. The truth is that in Turkey nobody cares about the Armenians. What I really think: By opposing the protocols, you are missing the only chance you have to open discussions in Turkey on the 1915 events. Discussions can only be open if you are sitting on the same table. To sit on the same table you have to get close and not to break all ties.
06.03.2010 13:52
John, you hit it on the head! The protocols were a tiny veiled attempt to put the recognition on hold and contain the damage by Turkish government. To be fair to the Armenian Government though - they have little choices than to follow the tune played by the great powers, as there's very little space for maneuvering for them (to a big extent because after 20 years of independence Diaspora's involvement in Armenian political life and economy is minimal). The best they can do is to expose Turkey's bluff as soon as possible... BTW, you may be interested in a discussion around this subject (very few of them, unfortunately, as if it was exclusively Armenian issue) in the most popular talk radio in San Francisco area:
06.03.2010 07:45
Well said John! Let the blind man lead you towards the bright light! What is state department is afraid of? Turkey will loose its feathers? The protocols was just a smoke screen turks needed and a new excuse for their backers. By denying and opposing recognition of genocide, Turks only prolong the process and as a result make it more known to the public worldwide. If they recognized it early on it may have diffused the process and people would've moved on and forgotten about it. However, by vigorously denying and actively opposing it Turks only help to keep the spotlight on it and get more and more people aware of it. Turks also show their real face by denying it when they use all means, including prosecuting people for it and when they lie about the past without any reservations, making hideous claims and blaming the victims instead. One other thing Turks succeed besides making the world aware about the genocide and the Turkish nature it is also in uniting Armenians around common cause. For that I have to say THANK YOU TURKS!
05.03.2010 11:00
Very well said/written. Thank you.
Comments are welcomed and encouraged. However, comments not pertaining to the topic or containing slander or offensive language will be deleted.
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