Prime Message in Favor of Recognition: Erdogan’s outcry underscores the pain of truth

While Turkey attempts to gag the U.S. Congress from passing the “Armenian Genocide Resolution”, the republic might do better to muzzle its prime minister, who is making a remarkable case for why Turkey ought to be held accountable for its blood-soaked past.

This week Recep Tayyip Erdoğan threatened to deport some 100,000 Armenians from Turkey, who he says are living there illegally. The threat was leveled after Sweden passed a resolution recognizing the Genocide, less than three weeks after the US Congress House Foreign Affairs Committee narrowly (23-22) approved HR252, a similar resolution that now faces the unlikely chance of making it to a vote of the full assembly.


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24.03.2010 06:36
Spurktsi, you should first try to calm down. Because you type here under the impact of your emotions, not logic. All societies should be analysed on a historical perspective. In the middle ages muslims were the best merchants and artisans in all europe and middle east. And Ottoman Empire was hundred times more developed than Europe till the 17th century. Ottoman Empire survived 700 years with its perfect tax system, central government and the best navy in the middle ages. No need to more details. Your euro-centric/oriantalist viewpoint on history shows your degree of ignorance. I know that 1915 was a genocide and I condemn it, but till the late 19th century, the minorities in Ottoman territories were living in best conditions compared to all Europe. Europeans massively killed Jews when they got angry till 1945. Ottoman territories were the best place for jews in the world, till the late 19th century. (I donot imply that Jews were not oppressed in Ottoman society, I only compare.)
23.03.2010 19:38
Speaking of "pain of truth", who are these three detainees from Gitmo being sent to Georgia? AZERIS??? It wouldn't surprise me since the US and AZ are too busy trying to look clean and they know Georgia is losing its western ties next election (the sacrificial lamb to receive the bad image).
22.03.2010 11:51
Erdogan's statement is chilly reminder of the past. The same attitude that led to the genocide. DEPORTATION. Nothing has changed. Turks havent changed. They will do it all over if they can get away again. They "deported" people from their land and they are ready to deport descendants of those who returned to the country that took the land of their ancestors. Germany allows Jews to emigrate to Germany and even provides financial support even though Germany doesn't have Jewish lands. But that's of course too much to expect from Turks who wont even say SORRY.
22.03.2010 09:40
I would disagree with Ulku about Karabakh. The Armenians there were forced into self defense. I also disagree with Spurktsi about the Ottoman empire. Not everything was bad, and of Armenians in the cities who entered business many became successful. Remember that after Greece became independent, some Greeks left their country for Istanbul in search of opportunities
21.03.2010 13:37
why everyone is so upset about what erdogan threatens? The answer by both official Armenia and popular Armenia and diaspora should be plain and simple: erdogan, if you find illegal armenian citizens in your country then deal with the situation in accordance with international and human rights norms, where is the big deal? you can't scare us with your empty threats... expel them or legalize their status depending on the case. In the meantime, Genocide issue is not got the message?
21.03.2010 07:35
Sounds as though the Turkish prime minister wants to repeat the action of 1915 and begin the deportation of Armenians again. (Does he need reminding that the road to the Syrian desert near Deir Zor was the final resting place for many Armenian souls?).
21.03.2010 06:55
We all know that Turkey has one of the bloodiest history on earth, i've yet to see a country praising it's Ottaman occupiers, Turks only brought savagery and corruption to the land they occupied, all the world was advancing with rail roads, paved roads, industry... wile Turk Sultans were drinking blood... Eastern Europeans and Arabs couldn't wait to get rid of the Turks, they had enough of the backward culture.... thank God, they were taught a good lesson in WWI, they even changed their alphabet trying to forget their bloody past and be civilized, but they have to admit and recognize their past to move forward... As for the curent times, long live the deffensive movement of Karabakh, a tiny heroic army against Azeri aggressors, they taught them a good lesson, no more Azeri oppression only free loving Karabakhtsi will rule themselves... Karabakh is back to its Armenian heritage...
20.03.2010 21:14
The Turks have not only murdered humans, destroyed an ancient culture / civilization and rewritten history, but they continue to legitimize the act as well as the racist ideology that led to the act. Denial is not just the simple negation of an act; it is much more the consequent continuation of the very act itself. Genocide should not only physically destroy a community; it should likewise dictate the prerogative of interpretation in regard to history, culture, territory and memory. As the victims - Armenians - never existed. So then, when does the Armenian genocide end? Only when Turkish denial ceases. Land * Reparations * Restitution Genocide Acknowledgment with Accountability
20.03.2010 20:10
Excellent article John!!! I been reading responses to Edrogan "speech" and nobody quite expressed it as good as you... the man should never use words my country, particularly in this case.
20.03.2010 20:05
Turkey struggles to catch up to Armenia in the 20th century while the imperialist powers plan for the 21st century that they live in. Let us not throw too many stones at the Turks. They are at a turning point in their history, whereas the 'moderates' in our community remain muted, spayed and neutered. The power the ARF has in our global community is proof that we have a turning point in our "historical epiphanies" as well. Gam mer jagadakirn e vor menk odari vodki dag menank?
20.03.2010 13:49
Let this be clear to all: no nation has a clear and perfect past than the Turks. Mr Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan is one the best leaders of Turkey. He is the real voice of Turkey. If Armenians were killed by the Turks what the hell are they than doing in Turkey? Why don't they go to their Russian brothers or to their French fathers? Armenians don't need to look to the long past, they should rather look to Karabag, the savagery that they have done is beyond anyone's imagination! Don't cheer early we will certainly revenge this cruelty without any mercy, that day is not far away!
20.03.2010 11:01
Mr. Erdoghan and his Party are unable to lead the so-called republic of Turkey, a country with too many faults and little mind. Soon, Turkey will come to a line where it has to choose between false democracy and true democracy. And Mr. Erdoghan will have to perish on that line. Turkey is in need of a Turkish Ghandi. Only Ghandian ideas about freedom and true life can safe today's Turkey, the Governments and the people of which have sinned a numerous times historically and presently.
20.03.2010 07:10
And those who ignore their past for the sake of a “bright future” will remain in the dark past.
20.03.2010 05:58
Erdogan is the self-evident proof of his bloody Ottoman past... he was rather quick to panic...he seems to be tired of his 'European-democratic' mask...
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