Well Said: Sargsyan address timely, if overdue

An address to his nation by Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan Thursday night should also be seen as a message to US President Barack Obama that says: “We honored our word. Now honor yours.”

By publicly stating what has long been known – that the protocol process is a failure – Sargsyan expressed sentiments that should be welcomed throughout the worldwide Armenian community, regardless of political persuasion, and in spite of the ugly history that afforded Sargsyan the national stage.


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24.04.2010 11:15
What most people fail to recognize is that the dialog with Turkey, failed or otherwise, makes them to speak out. As soon they start to talk they say stupidities of Universal scale as Edrogan does, or have to admit the guilt as intellectuals do. When there is no dialog, Armenian accusations are often viewed by outside world as complains of losers. Now, thanks to the protocol process, there was a huge discussion in the Turkish press, and turks themselves discover, that what they learned in the school were lies. Frankly, the policy of Dashnaks of refusing any dialog, or any discussion of history with turks is not naive, it is stupid and suspicious. I think they are afraid to discuss what happened in the beginning of 20th century, not because the Genocide is well established fact, but because it will also reveal their wrongs and errors of dealing with Turks, Russians, and almost everyone else including their own people.
23.04.2010 20:10
Armenian Assembly or US State Department, it is the same difference. US State Dept. created the failed-TARC and the Assembly was supporting. US State Department created the failed-Protocols, again the Assembly failed with it. Understand this: No restorative justice --> No energy pipelines. And, to suspend the protocols is meaningless. The signature should be withdrawn.
23.04.2010 12:30
AA will most probably follow the decision of the President of RA. IMHO Serzik knew all along this was going to happen. I think this way he showed the world yet again that working with Turkey and Azerbaijan is just not feasible. If this is indeed a daring, and calculated plan, then props to him
23.04.2010 06:23
I don't understand the comment above. The Assembly supported the Armenian government's support of the protocols. As the Armenian government has haulted (but not ended) progress of ratification, one can assume that soon the Assembly will similarly say it supports Armenia's decision. The Assembly's opinion moves in tandem with Armenia's, there is no reason to slander them by trying to make them seen isolated from even Armenia on this issue. This just happened last night, give them a chance to respond before acting like the sky is falling on them.
23.04.2010 03:00
So, how does this announcement reflect on the Armenian Assembly's stance to support these American-backed protocols in that they are now at odds with what the Armenian constituencies in the Diaspora and in Armenia want to advocate?
Comments are welcomed and encouraged. However, comments not pertaining to the topic or containing slander or offensive language will be deleted.
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