Commentary on HR 252: The unfortunate fallout

A resolution calling for the United States to officially recognize the Armenian Genocide is effectively dead, as the Democrat-led 111th Congress concluded yesterday (Dec. 22) without Armenia’s perceived champion, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, putting the resolution on the Full House agenda.

HR252 first breathed new hope into the long-standing struggle for recognition in March, when it dramatically passed a Foreign Affairs Committee by one vote, taking it to the next legislative level, which would have been a vote on the Floor of the Full House.


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23.12.2010 15:44
Anton: Are you even Armenian? Your anti Russian views are bordering on the idiotic. It is well known that AAA is a tool of the us state department. It is what is called an open secret. Dig deep enough into their history and you'll realize how they were set up and who pays for their continued operation. It is the few misguided Armenians that make donations I can tell you that.
23.12.2010 11:53
Two more points: while not legally binding the resolution does carry real political ramifications that are not merely symbolic. The reason that today we have a president's statement on April 24 at all is in large because of a similarly "non-binding" congressional resolution that passed in 1984 and that recommended to the president to issue the annual statement on that day. Additionally, this is the only real leverage that Armenia has on Turkey. Turkey is sensitive to this and passage in U.S. would have imposed real political costs on Turkish government for its Armenia policy. Secondly, what business is it of Armenian lobbyists in Washington to reform Armenia's political system? What was once again missing is that while Erdogan and Davutoglu were again publicly weighing in against the resolution why it is we havent heard about Sargsyan and Nalbandian weighing in with their counterparts?
23.12.2010 11:49
Turkish people and the world community had once again the opportunity and the unique chance to see how the Turkish government asked US President to pardon Turkey! Facts about Armenian Genocide will remain facts! The behaviour of White House and US Congress is first of all a shame for US and democracy! Armenian American community should not underestimate the situation and what till now being achieved by Armenian Diaspora world wide! Turkish government including Turkish secret service and Turkish fascism had to mobilize all there resources in a fanatic way!. We will not know, but most probably this and that ugly threats might be voiced by Turkish against single members of US Congress and there families! I would recall the fact, how Turkish took British solders hostage to force British Empire to free jailed Turkish rulers in Malta in 1919.. Turkey is a criminal state with- when Turkish foreign Minster issuing threats – such as “the world will see the Turkish reaction- this is a more an hapless call for help and a “go ahead” to Turkish ultra nationalist to use more useful threats and blackmails against US (of core using diplomatic language while terrorizing the Speaker and her staff! ) PS: Didn’t Turkish threat to kill US solders a couple years ago?
23.12.2010 11:32
The Armenian Assembly of the US State Department.
23.12.2010 10:25
Note: A previous version of this commentary referred to the necessity of presidential signature and senate vote for approval. Thank you to readers who reminded that the resolution is non-binding and therefore not subject to further process. john hughes
23.12.2010 09:22
Because we never tried to declare independence and kill anyone while doing so, and then in turn be killed. We were all co-happily existing with the Turks and never even raised a hand but the evil bastards wanted to exterminate us. We are always the victims and we can't get all the world to see that, we will never recover from our wounds. How about we clean up our own mess in the country and stopp worrying about what the US thinks? What is done is done regardless of what different versions of history are out there. You wanna see white in everything then that's all you will see no matter how much black they put in front of your face. Always right, always right, please say "it is so, we are so sorry for you" and all we do is whine, whine, whine. Russians killed more of us than the Turks, why not whine about Russia? Oh, no, if we do, they will come crush us down because unlike Turkey who pretty much decides to ignore us, Russians are waiting for us to make one wrong move before they descend on us like demons from hell. It is is in the past and leave it in the past, we should be concerned about the future and not what the US thinks of what happened in the past. Why do we need US approval for everything we believe in? We can keep living in the past and constantly whine and cry to the world acting like the little helpless child, always seeking the support of stronger siblings or we can learn to stand on our own feet, without needing constant emotional and physical support from others. Focus on the future, the year is 2011, we live in the 21st century. The government is screwing us over and we are still too busy to see it because we are too busy trying to earn the sympathy of countries who couldn't give a rat's ass about what happens to us.
23.12.2010 09:16
John, please note that the resolution as constituted required neither Senate nor presidential approval. It had a chance of passage, but to Armenians' detriment Pelosi and others in Congress caved yet again. And while ANCA fought to pass it, AAA provided resolution opponents with helpful cover and as a result deserves the criticism it is getting.
23.12.2010 08:20
AAA should deicide what they want! Either AAA is for the recognition of Armenian genocide, in this case AAA should take any opportunity and chance seriously..or AAA is being in this or other way controlled by White House and Ankara .. With Nancy Pelosi as Speaker there was no longer any need for Hasan Obama to make appeal to Congress or a call to Pelois to kill the bill !
23.12.2010 07:25
So on the one hand, you want the ANC to encourage political freedom in Armenia, but on the other hand you want it to shut up its press. That makes perfect sense. Look, Armenians of Armenia have to clean up their own house. Don't try to export your silencing of the press to the Diaspora and don't expect the Diaspora to clean up your mess.
23.12.2010 05:04
I do not trust the AAA one bit. Through out the whole 2 days I have been following both the AAA and ANC I have discovered on my own that the AAA is working against the Armenian American community. Shame on you AAA. It seemed to me you were working for the Turkish government instead of the Armenian American community.
23.12.2010 02:38
The Armenian Assembly do not represent the will of the Armenian people. Yesterdays AA Press Release Pelosi praise as quoted in this article demonstrate the Assembly's own selfish interests. The Assembly relishes on being lapdogs for the US Government at the expense of the genocidal killings of the Armenian people.
23.12.2010 02:03
Anyone with an understanding of the community knows that the AAA did absolutely nothing to move the resolution. It was all the ANCA. John should not be criticizing the Asbarez piece. It simply states for the public the hard fact and reality that the AAA does not represent the views of the Armenian American community. The ANCA has been on the right side of all of the major issues over the past 10 years - TARC, Section 907, Hoagland, Protocols, Bryza. The AAA has taken the wrong position on all of these issues and they have lost on all fronts. Thank goodness for the ANCA for protecting the Armenian nation. I used to be an AAA dues paying member. Haven't been since the 1990s. The reasons are obvious. John should instead be critical of the AAA for praising Pelosi. Shameful. Absolutely shameful.
23.12.2010 01:56
The cold hard reality is that both the Assembly and ANC have been prostrating themselves before the altar of American imperialism, the US Congress. They both share responsibility for following an ass-backwards policy that seeking redress from an institution of the very same national government that has propped up the Turkish state for years.
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