Dangerous Decline: Demographers raise alarm over exodus from Armenia

Migration experts warn that Armenia faces a serious demographic disaster, brought on by emigration, and urge the government to see the risks in a program, introduced by the Federal Migration Service of Russia, which offers Armenians easy conditions for permanent residence in Russia.

The program of residence in Russia has been introduced in Armenia for two years, and it has been implemented enthusiastically since 2010.


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25.03.2011 19:55
I agree with Vartan. That's the difference between Israel and Armenia. They invested in their country. We invest in our diaspora. They invest in their homelands economy. We invest in our own social networks (diaspora). The azeris save their money and hope that the investment into their military will encourage their people to fight for Artsakh and the turks (as usual) watch us fight ourselves and consider us moot (forget that they occupy the lands 99% of Armenians lived on 100 years ago). What can we do? Fight corruption in Yerevan/Armenia, yes, but we Diasporans can also create some COMPETITION and OPPORTUNITIES for the citizens. Maybe then, even if its just by creating hope, can we stop the hemmorage of citizens of what little remains of our homeland.
19.03.2011 16:37
Don't blame the Armenian emigrants that are moving to other countries to find a better economic future for themselves and their children. The corruption, politics, economy and threat of war are main causes. Armenian diaspora should create programs in US, Russia, France, etc. to help new Armenian emigrants in these countries. The Armenian emigration will slow down once the economic and political situation in Armenia improves.
10.03.2011 15:14
Population of Armenia is currently at 2.5 million. At this rate the population will be down to 1.9 million within ten years. This is good news for Armenian Diaspora organizations that are for-profit and member driven. This will help increase, the number of students in Armenian Private schools, participants at churches, members at Armenian Centers, organization donars, Camp participants, Scout memebers, diaspora newspaper readers, etc. "Tebi Yergir" (return home). If the focus is on returning home, how is it that there are new churches, armenian centers, armenian lobbying buildings, Armenian schools, banqouet halls, sporting facilities, etc.. being built every year in the diaspora? Sad times for Armenia. These organizations do nothing directly for Armenia. It is all indirect work, which most of the time is spent on Genocide recognition. Hundreds of millions of dollars spent on politicians. While Armenians, cant find jobs, have no food, and leave their country because there is no hope. I blame the Armenian Diaspora organizations for the current situation in Armenia.
09.03.2011 04:46
No worries guys.All those migrations doesn't matter anymore.Stay cool,2012 is around the corner. When the another big bang will strike and our blue planet will split all of us together will migrate into space very fast.
08.03.2011 11:53
Very well said by anonymous! Armenia's biggest problem is Armenians. The biggest danger Armenia currently faces comes from the so-called "opposition" in the country. Thank God for Serj Sargsyan, despite his flaws, he has at the very least secured Armenia's statehood in the Caucasus by institutionalizing Armenia's alliance with Russia and he is currently embarking on a long-term campaign to rid the nation of its 1990s filth. There will not be a regime change of any sort in Armenia. Police batons will squash any uprising. However, if the unthinkable happens - I expect another October 27 to be in the works.
07.03.2011 12:06
"An Armenian individual is successful, but collectively they are failures." That pretty much sums up our history. The biggest enemy of Armenians are other Armenians. Why look at the big picture? You all have families, friends, who are Armenian. How many of them do you get along with? With how many of them does JEALOUSY, greed, hate, betrayal, and all this other filth, come into play? Everyone thinks they are better than everyone else. When the refugees from Baku were coming to Armenia, how were they treated? When the earthquake struck in Gyumri, what happened to all the aid and money that was poured into the country? To this day they continue to live in train cars. And there are so many more examples from our own history, its unbelievable. Armenia's history is a history of betrayal. I was talking to someone yesterday about the Jews in our neighborhood. If one of them passes by in a car, and sees another one standing at a bus stop, they will stop, pick them up and drive them to where ever they need to go. Will an Armenian ever do that? Hell no. The point is, stop blaming government, stop blaming Turks, stop blaming Communists, STOP BLAMING everything, and look at your own self. What have YOU done? Blaming is easy.
02.03.2011 15:46
the only way to curb the migration is to get rid of the autocratic, corrupt regime that is ruling now in Armenia. People are not leaving because of war or blockade (this is purely a diaspora armenian ignorant opinion) but for socio-economic and phsychological reasons. People see no future in Armenia. The prime responsible for this situation is the unpopular, autocratic and incompetent regime.
02.03.2011 13:45
now wait a minute if 60.000.00 armenians are living armenia prety soon the goverment will have no people left to govern .so there will be no need of racing and killing each other or raleeing and demonstrating if you know what i mean or political partys unification just for the sake of presidency and power .our history shaws it self because always never had a good leaders , but yet i'm surprise we still do exist for more than 3000 years which alot of stronger nations have disapeard mabe our system is working so you figure it out
02.03.2011 09:17
Indeed there is a lot to be desired in improving living and working conditions in Armenia. (1)The primary reason for this dissatisfaction is corruption. (2) The second reason is the on-going economic hostile border blockade by Turkey depriving Armenia import-export routes to Europe and the Middle-East. (3) The third reason is the on-going military war threat by Azerbaijan and defense budget expenditures. (4) The fourth reason is the hostile and counterproductive failed-US-State-Department policies towards Armenia (compare Armenia's 40 million so-called aid to Georgia's 2+ billion annually.) (5) Finally, it is the US Embassy (State Department) in Yerevan that has for over a decade been granting immigration Visas and daily lottery of US-resident-green-cards to Armenian citizens; how else do you explain the hundreds of thousand of Armenians from Armenia primarily in California, and throughout the US.
02.03.2011 09:10
The sky is falling the shy is falling! Quick! If you don't want to die, topple the pro-Russian government and install a Washington backed dictator!
02.03.2011 07:58
"1.1 million people have left Armenia since its independence" - what's the source of this information? either ArmeniaNow has it and can share or it spreads dangerous rumors... That aside - I agree with Mkrtich. The problems today's independent Armenia grapples with are largely shared with other post-soviet countries (baltic states aside) - corruption, bad management, low political culture, migration (who said Azeris don't have it needs to visit the same Russia). The only hope a young country like Armenia surrounded by open enemies or treacherous half-friends had was its "famous" Diaspora. Now, how many Diaspora Armenians (numbered 2x or 3x times the population of Armenia) did move to Armenia in the last 20 years? How many Raffi's actually settled there to actually influence the political processes in the country? Why in modern Armenia western values, political and business culture, western-centric perspective is practically absent and Russia is looked up as the sole viable way of governing? When I hear about the amount of resources spent on past Genocide recognition and compare it to the attention the potential FUTURE Genocide in Artsakh (just read the posting from 'Mehmet' and alike) is getting, I wonder if we are blind or deaf or stupid... or all the above. I say: Diaspora's involvement and support to newly independent Armenia has largely (largely - because 'something' has still been done) been a failure. As sad as it sounds...
02.03.2011 06:31
President Ronald Reagan of USA once said, some countries do not deserve to govern themself, Lebanon is one of them, at the time Armenia was not independent than, could it be he would have added Armenia too. Look at our history, Romans, Persians,Arabs,Turks, Russians, they all ruled us, because we do not know how to govern ourself, An American history professor, once told me an Armenian indivdual as a person is sucsesfull,but collectively they are failers. Take an Armenian person send him to Tim Back too and within 5 years he will be a sucsess, but in his owen country he is a failer,how true in todays Armenia. Almost 65 years ago, state of Israel was created, with 640.000 immigrant people, today 6 milion land 10.000 square kilometes, mostley desert. 20 years ago state of Armenia was created with 3.5 million people, land 30,000 square kilomers, today 2.5 milion people, twice the size of Israel, not including Artsakh, with decresing population, if I was Azeri I will wait another 5 to 10 years and walk not fight my way to Yerevan, and than back to history lesson again this time ruled by Azeris. Maybe just maybe, we do not deserve a country of our owen.
02.03.2011 03:28
The Armenian government can see as far as their nose tip!! why? because the ruling culture is to steal today never mind the tommorow. The population is sick and tired of the arrogant police force, politicized court system, and chronically corrupted heads of state. These leaves two options open, speak up and dissapear by night , or immigrate!! I personally would rather the second option. By the way the Diaspora is just a sitting Duck, They just do not grasp the reality of Armenia. The everyday hardship is just undescripable.
02.03.2011 02:58
I think that armenian people will abanden tehir country very fastly. at once tehere are not normal jobs in armenia. in additional armenian people understand that II Karabaxs War will begin again. then tehir situation will be more bad. I dare say if armenian government can make connetcionts with Azerbaijans and Turkey, armenian people will live very normal. becuase this situtaion depends on only Azerbaijan and Turkey. then there will be peace in region, all roads will open and so on. Of course it depends on Karabaxs koflikt. if armenian goevrment don't want to return Karabax, war will begin. and then evrythink will destroy. it is fact
02.03.2011 01:48
This looks a ploy from Russia to direct emigration of Armenians away from Moscow -where everybody wants to go because of higher pay and for its cosmopolitan nature- to poorly inhabited region of Russia. So in reality their motive is not to help the Armenians, but to keep them out of Moscow. Not for me!
02.03.2011 01:13
People are leaving Armenia not only because they can't get jobs, put food on the table, and have enough left over to pay for utilities and now car insurance, but because they have no faith in the present regime and view it as a criminal band of cut-throats out to fleece the common citizen. In the meantime, Armenia's multi-million strong diaspora would rather rant and rave about anything but the current crisis in Armenian political life. Nero fiddles while Rome burns...
02.03.2011 00:08
This what happens when a small population of greedy political blood suckers control the majority. Lets face it, conditions in Armenia will never change for the better as things progress, so as a result no matter what type of government is elected it wont mean a thing because they are all after capital interest and the politicians do not care for the well beings of Armenian citizens. Living in Armenia is a BIG lie with no jobs, no future, and no money. Armenians politicians clearly advocate the devil. Hope they burn in hell for making things harder for the the poor folks that have to leave their mother country and face major hardships.
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