New stage?: Baku declares readiness to accept updated version of Madrid Principles

In all likelihood, the end of 2011 or perhaps even the end of this summer will bring clarity into the Karabakh settlement process. At least on July 12 it became clear that official Baku is ready to accept an updated version of the Madrid Principles – a road map to reaching peace in the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh.


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23.07.2011 12:55
Ulku Mavzer," Turks will always be the Top." You're right HAJI... As long as the United States and the NATO, has your Asses covered that is. Check out these facts: 1853-1856, Crimean War: The British, French, Austrian Empires and the Kingdom of Sardinia comes to the rescue of the Ottoman Empire from the invading Tsarists' Russia. You lucky DAWGS got away. 1921. Illegitimate republics of Kemalists' and Bolsheviks' carve up Western Armenia, Javakh,Karabakh and Nakicevan. We will get it back all in due time...remember liberation of Karabakh? 1947 Truman Doctrin: Throws support to the, Republic of Turkey,economically and militarily, to keep the soviets from invading the west. You DAWGS got away again. 1952. Turkey, becomes a full fledged member of the NATO , thus, enjoying the safety and the protection of the United States and West Europe.Well, Enjoy your lucky stars...DAWG. But we are waiting and ain't goin' anywhere.
18.07.2011 07:22
To Xunsap'ha, don't worry as long as i carry a tiny bit of Turkish blood I will be a Turk forever, it doesn't matter which part in my ancestary was a foreign woman, any woman who has been with a Turk must have loved him very much as the Turks are the best of all. Osmanli was just a stage in the history...many other Osmanli's will follow. We have history of many milleniums. Turks will always be the top, superiority is in our gene's.
17.07.2011 23:56
Ulku bey, in case you fell asleep for a few decades, may I remind you that the Osmanli is history. I realize dreams can be sweet, but they are also incompatible with reality. You need to study modern weaponry and systems before you shoot from your mouth. Even nuclear is old stuff. Moreover, "kendini Turk saniyan beyefendi", check your ancestry. If you don't look asiatic, your ancestors must have been a mixture of "who knows what". The likes of you are a dime a dozen in every nation.
17.07.2011 12:47
To I think you got the message clearly...but it won't be just Karabag this time...I think we will get more than that in this upcoming war. Just glad that you got the message right.
15.07.2011 04:19
in Baku one can find only mass murders and neo fascists as it was the case in Turkey in 1915, ‎the one who did promises “reforms and security ” for West Armenia!....‎‎ ....
14.07.2011 06:45
this is just propaganda talk, the Russians probably told them to show some flexibility 'or else', so they just came up with this speech to throw sand in the Intl. community's eyes... didn't Aliyev sign a 'no war' agreement a couple of years back in Russia? how long did it take him to change his mind and resume his war rhetoric? Russia's influence isn't what it used to be, probably Turkey is advising AZR to listen to Russia for the time being.... they are preparing for war, everything else is just a deliberate confusion.... probably in the next few days their snipers would kill another Armenian solider at the borders just to send confusing messages.... they want the area back without the Armenians in it, only war would give them that....
Comments are welcomed and encouraged. However, comments not pertaining to the topic or containing slander or offensive language will be deleted.
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