Arts vs Politics: Armenia pondering over participation in Baku-hosted Eurovision-2012

Armenia has been holding off its decision whether it will take part in Eurovision 2012 in Baku and if yes, who will it send – an Armenia-based singer or a native Armenian resident of a foreign country.


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24.12.2011 17:50
I would be terribly ashamed if a black person represents my country.
23.12.2011 10:31
Varazdat, there's no need for apology. Here enjoy these beautiful Armenian songs, Happy New Year: /watch?v=J8ajrtNl8cM /watch?v=wbm0QVmxYls
23.12.2011 01:09
Jay, im very sorry you don't like his songs. I don't like them either. Its more about the performer in my opinion. I know that black singers are nothing special in the US, but here in Europe and especially in Eastern Europe, they are.
22.12.2011 14:04
Varazdat, I will sum it up your buddy Hrant's song in one word-GARBAGE. And I'm being very polite.
21.12.2011 10:03
Ok Varazdat, may be you should ask Hrant himself, and see if he wishes to travel to Baku for one lousy performance, and return in a body bag.
21.12.2011 02:45
Jay, Very good analysis. But I still believe it would be better if we did participate with Hrant.
20.12.2011 17:38
in my opinion there is NO need to go to baku- reasons are 1- anti Armenian propaganda on ‎the state level and second security reasons. Even if Armenia participated be sure 90 % of ‎Diaspora Armenians won’t be interested in these contests in Baku! Baku won because a big ‎part of votes for Armenia and Turkey went to Azerbaijan… any way, the last word will have ‎Hayastan. If hayastan have to go for political reasons. --- I would prefer this song from a ‎Arstakhi with a small modification. ‎
20.12.2011 06:11
Please Varazdat, spare me with your 'image of Armenia' BS, we are dealing with buncha nomad social misfits here. Have you given a thought about the safety of Hrant? Does Emil Safartof, the Azeri terrorist who hacked officer Margaryan's head while asleep, ring a bell in your head? Hey Armenia, just read on the news that Poland will not participate in 2012 Eurovision contest. Instead, they will be organizing some sort of event ,similar to ESC, that will be held in June of '12 in Ukraine. In a related subject, a Turkish singer, was booed by Azeri audience in Baku a couple of months ago, because the lyrics in which the song she was singing was written by an Armenian producer. Participation of ESC 2012 in that country is DEAD WRONG. Check for alternatives. No more Armenian ESH NAHADAGS.
20.12.2011 04:50
Do not send any armenian for contests or sports in Baku.The last time we send a boxer he was insulted thru out the game.Don t put our youth in harms way with those Azeri animals.
20.12.2011 02:13
Armenia should send Hrant Hovsepyan. This is will have a very positive consequence for the image of Armenia. Hrant should sing a song in Armenian. Missis Gohar Gasparyan would do a lot of good for Armenia and for Armenia's prestige if she supports Hrant Hovsepyan's participation. Even if Armenia would not win with Hrant's participation, the Diaspora in Europe and all others will really look up to Armenia and praise it.
Comments are welcomed and encouraged. However, comments not pertaining to the topic or containing slander or offensive language will be deleted.
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