Official Visit: Ahmadinejad arrives in Yerevan

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad arrived in Yerevan on Friday for an official one-day visit during which he was expected to sign agreements strengthening energy and communication relations between Armenia and its southern neighbor.


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31.12.2011 06:53
John A., Israel has nothing to do with Armenia or Armenians, to the hell with them.. they are behind the current instabilities in most parts of the world...
30.12.2011 17:32
the article was about Iranian president and not Israel, and yes Ahmadinejad had denied the Holocaust ... he denies it when it comes to Jews, and keeps quiet when it comes to Armenia, it's politics and nothing more...justice-mustice are Diaspora Armenians' naive songs
30.12.2011 11:26
@Harutik who is "us"? A genocide denier? Somebody living in downtown Yerevan with a flushing toilet? If you have you own opinion then express it, or carry on pulling your hair out.
30.12.2011 02:55
@John. No one is saying that the Iranians are angels. In fact, historically speaking and right behind the Turks, they have been most oppressive against the Armenians and other minorities. Thanks to their religion. As an Armenian born and raised in Iran, I have personally known and experienced the contempt that Moslems of Iran have against the Christians. And, I am certain that every Armenian is aware of this fact, as well. You can't compare Israel with Iran. The level of Jewish people’s education and understanding of world affairs is much higher than the majority of Moslems and at par with the Western civilization (if you can call it “civilization”). Therefore, as a nation, the Iranians are mostly ignorant people. What is Israel's excuse for not recognizing the Armenian Genocide? Note: Ignorance is a major human disease and it comes in all shapes and forms. For instance, in the US the ignorant people are known and identified as Republicans. Even though they claim to be the “moral majority”, their policies and thoughts only support greedy corporations and the rich (top 1%). In short, they worship money, not God. As Capitalists they know nothing of Christianity.
29.12.2011 17:15
@John Aidiniantz Every time I read your comments I feel like pulling my hair out... Please I beg you to either educate yourself to the world you live in or simply assimilate into whatever awful society you belong to and leave us alone...
28.12.2011 05:31
There are some good points made here. Which is worse, to deny the holocaust, or pretend that it never happened? Both points of view seem devoid of reason. Has Iran publicly accepted the Armenian genocide?
26.12.2011 19:55
@John In fact, Ahmadinejad has never said he wants to wipe Israel off the map (but he should have) and he has never denied the Holyhoax (but he should have)...
26.12.2011 03:51
@John, Has Israel recognized the Armenian Genocide? Or, has the country been kissing the Turks' bottom-end and watching only after her pure interests ever since it became a country in late 1940s without any regard to justice for the Armenians? Is the blood of a jew darker and more precious than the blood of an Armenian? Can injustice be set aside for the sake of politics?
26.12.2011 03:10
Come to think of it, may be the holocaust is a myth. After all ,you believe in bible, the Jewish Fairy Tale, don't you?
25.12.2011 17:18
Is this the same man who has said that Israel should be wiped off the face of the map and who has denied the holocaust? We should be wary of people who are quick to defend genocide.
Comments are welcomed and encouraged. However, comments not pertaining to the topic or containing slander or offensive language will be deleted.
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