Soccer: Armenia climbs to record high on FIFA rankings

International soccer’s governing body, FIFA, has ranked Armenia 41st in its latest list of 200 or so nations released on Wednesday.

The standing, which is an improvement by four positions since the previous listing, is the highest achieved by the nation since it joined international soccer in the mid-1990s.


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15.02.2012 06:07
First and foremost congratulations to late Ian Porterfield and his successor young Vardan Minasyan. The building of a futbol program in Armenia took painstakingly long yet currently we are experiencing the early fruitful results of the new school of Armenia. As many successful coaches have demonstrated for notable European clubs, the 4-2-3-1 system has worked wonders for teams with core strength and speed on the wings (Barcelona and Arsenal behind the two most prominent proponents of the system). As a fan of the game I am confident that rather being obsessed with the ranking of Armenia on FIFA's chart, one should pay closer attention at the development of the game. In the recent European qualifying matches Armenia has demonstrated a fluid and combative style of futbol with highlighted episodes against Republic of Ireland in Aviva Stadium. So dear futbol fans, rather worrying about the results against Serbia and Canada we all should examine the quality of the game: the nuances Armenia will demonstrate with a fresher squad against a rather experienced side like Serbia and Montenegro. Speaking to my enthusiastic Armenian colleagues, the result of the matches seems inevitable. I've been told that a good display of futbol is important but the consistent climb on the FIFA's list is even more important since it brings exposure to the country and its starving young talents. The argument above is valid yet being in the top 50 is sufficient to attract foreign investment:) I think we have seen few attractive moves of Armenian players and there are more to come as Armenia continues to develop its school of futbol and builds a reputation for strong and reliable lads. Cheers from Uruguay I know, Armenia is 41st and Uruguay is 4th but here in Montevideo our hearts and minds belong to Armenia! If Armenia were to qualify for the World Cup, I'd gladly put down my La Celeste colors and support my Karmir Kapuyt ev Narnjaguyn!
Comments are welcomed and encouraged. However, comments not pertaining to the topic or containing slander or offensive language will be deleted.
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