March 1 Rally: Armenian opposition gathers to commemorate victims of 2008 post-election clashes

The main opposition bloc, Armenian National Congress (ANC), on Thursday staged its first public rally this year during which it also commemorated the victims of street violence four years ago that day.

Following a rally in Yerevan’s Liberty Square, several thousand activists and supporters of the ANC staged a march to the Alexander Myasnikyan monument area which became one of the major scenes of deadly pitched battles between protesters and security personnel on March 1, 2008.


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07.03.2012 09:22
As long as Armenia is incapable of executing, expelling or imprisoning treasonous filth like Levon and his followers, Armenia has no right to call itself a republic. PS: Everything we hate about Armenia today has its root in the Levon years in the chaotic 1990s. And the blood of ten people on March 1, 2001 is on his hands.
06.03.2012 00:58
Hey Jay and Avetis - please keep your uninformed noses out of Armenian politics. Stay in sunny Florida Jay and Avetis, stay put in whatever hole you've crawled out of. More assanine comments from the peanut gallery.
04.03.2012 02:46
Levon should be warned: one more chaos like of March 2008, and he will be held responsible and hauled off to jail for life along with his thugs.
03.03.2012 15:09
Levon and his thugs should have been placed against the wall. The current leadership in Armenia is too damn soft.
02.03.2012 12:20
I watched a police footage on youtube showing the devastation of Yerevan post March 1 protest, caused by Levon's thugs, for a moment I thought I was viewing a film of civil war in Beirut,Lebanon, where I grew up. They showed an old abandoned Russian military vehicle, where the thugs had stored weapons of various kinds,such as, half a dozzen pistols of various calibers, two AK-47 assault riffles, bayonets, ball bats,and around four gas cans loaded(molotov cocktails) obviously they were intended to set targets ablaze and NOT for consumption. Yes, these thugs were national security threat, and that old cock-eyed gizzard,Levon was responsible. He should have been put in slammer years ago for life.
01.03.2012 13:03
Levon Petrosian and his thugs should be hanged for what happened on that day. If anyone in Armenia's so-called "opposition" today attempts to pull off another color revolution, I demand, I expect a much harsher response from the authorities this time.
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