Diplomatic Immunity Covers “Cowardice”: Turkish minister not liable in Switzerland

Egemen Bağış, Turkey’s Minister for European Union (EU) Affairs will not be made accountable for his statements over the Armenian Genocide made in Switzerland in the heat of debate about France’s failed initiative to criminalize genocide denial. As Turkish mass media report, the Zurich General Prosecutor’s Office believes that when Bağış made that statement he had diplomatic immunity.


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23.04.2012 08:15
Armenian genocide happened if say it or not, turkish government commited crime and they should pay for it, and the time will come to the turkish government and people to take their punishment.
23.04.2012 08:10
Armenian genocide happened if you say it or not (Mr. Turk)they commited crime they should pay for it, and the time will come to the turkish govenmernt and people to take their punishment.all the world will curse turkish people.
06.04.2012 09:23
If some represents his country for EU He behaves this way What do you expect from ordinary people to behave...! He knows all the details ...and still he denies... I communicate with a Turkish educated person who said, My great grandmother was Armenian... God knows through which way Rape or by showing scimitar on her face or she was an orphan Still he denies that was genocide... How can you teach the unteachable race...! That is impossible... And will stay impossible I Guess...!!! Gul's grand mother was Armenian ... Who said, the truth ended in jail...
06.04.2012 02:49
On April 4th, 2012, during wreath laying ceremony at a Khachkar-Obelisk in center of Bratislava,Slovakia in memory of Armenian genocide victims,Slovakia's Supreme Court Chairman, Stevan Harabin, said," Any Turkish official regardless of his rank and any other person who dare deny the fact of the Armenian Genocide in Slovakia will immediately be sentenced to 5 years in jail." Go ahead Chakhal Bagis, let's see how tough you are now, go ahead and deny the Armenian Genocide in Slovakia, we are waiting and the world is watching.
04.04.2012 16:23
This coward Bagis, should have his teeth fixed instead of barking up storm and throwing tantrum. His teeth are absolutely bizzare looking, horrendous,jagged,discusting,all broken up,rotten and missing. That's right missing. This explains why he is all bark no bite. Also, the color of his teeth are shit brown, so I suggest he wear a beige bowtie to compliment his teeth. He's so awful looking they should use his face to cure sex offenders. I'm dead serious: Pause video at 0:15 , 0:16 and check his dental.
04.04.2012 09:08
Armenians kicked the Azeris asses in Karabakh, that was a war, they also kicked Turks asses in Sardarabat in 1918, again , another war. But what Turks did for helpless women and children was a Genocide back in 1915, it seems you are proud that your ancestors raped children and took them as sex slaves, maybe you call that war. Civil war is when two communities within a country are armed and are fighting each other, that has nothing to do with situation in 1915, there was an ottaman army and there was the general population. the Ottaman Turks, and that is part of the Turkish official tail, 'deported' the Armenians because they 'feared' they would collaborate with the 'enemies'. A lot of villages that were 'deported' had nothing to do with any border, and so remote that probably the villagers did not know there was a world war going on. This was just a excuse to confiscate all the Christian Armenian inhabited lands and surrender them to Muslims (Turks and Kurds).... just like the Nazis did to the Jews, they portrait them as an evil race that is a threat to the German nation, then they burned them.. (i believe they even had Japan deport Jews to be slaughtered later on), how would Japanese Jews be a threat to Germany is just absurd... Let's see now how your Kurdish friends from 1915-18 that you promised them so much are going to deal with you, now that northern Iraq is basically the new Kurdistan... time will tell...
03.04.2012 13:37
Coward?.....How can you charge someone for speaking the truth?...Genocide never happened...It was a civil war and you got your ass kicked by Kurds and Turks...You shouldn't have helped Russians...get over it
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