Global Security: NATO calls on countries to join the new defense system

In November Lisbon will host a NATO summit which might change the system of global security. NATO suggests that a new system of anti-aircraft defense should be created to include all the member-countries and those which would want to join the program. The summit will be marked by Russia’s participation for the first time, as well as that of Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan.

The intriguing point of this process is Turkey’s position, which, as opposed to the other NATO countries, has not yet given its consent to the placement of anti-missile defense on its territory.

Turkey doesn’t want to spoil its relations with Iran and other Muslim countries, yet NATO Secretary General Fogh Rasmussen has stated that the alliance considers Iran and North Korea to be main threats.

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmed Davutoglu said that Turkey does not see any threat to either its security or that of the NATO member-countries, coming from the countries neighboring Turkey.

As reported by Turkish Zaman, Ankara demanded warranties from the USA that it would not release intelligence data gained by the NATO system to Israel, and that Iran must be removed from the list of countries which pose a threat. The newspaper writes that the USA’s response was positive.

Armenia does not want to spoil relations with Iran either. Armenian Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan is now in Tehran to sign a Free Trade Agreement on economic cooperation and creation of a free economic zone with Iran.

The Armenian issue might be used by the USA as a lever to pressure Turkey.
Hurriyet Daily News reports that the USA has threatened Turkey with recognizing the Armenian Genocide, if Turkey does not cooperate in the NATO plan.

Anti-Turkish moods can be sensed in Europe itself. Greek authorities asked for the European Union’s assistance in preventing the inflow of illegal immigrants from Turkey.

Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel stated that immigrants arriving in Germany to work must speak German; and the leader of Austrian Freedom Party, Swedish democrats, Danish People’s Party sated on October 23 that “Turkey has no place in Europe”.

All circumstances point to the fact that Turkey will most probably not want to stay outside the new dividing lines in the world, and will allow placement of missiles on its territory. The USA’s anti-missile defense in Turkey will not be used against Iran and will not defend Israel, moreover they will defend Turkey from Israel’s attack, reports Zaman.

This means that Turkey will try to reassure the Iranians that the new missile system will not be used against them.