Position Paper Calls for Ratification, Pointing out Concessions Made by Turkey

An American Diaspora active in Armenian issues has written a comprehensive analysis of the Armenian-Turkish protocols, in which he scientifically argues that:

“What appears to be an Armenian concession to the Turks is at best a method for Turks to delay international debate on genocide recognition. It is unclear why the Turkish side sees this as a victory unless delaying recognition was their original goal. Using such a commission as a delay tactic will ultimately result in a strategic blunder as Turkish disingenuousness will be clear to the international community.”

The lengthy position paper favors ratifying the protocols but strongly argues that there is more concession on Turkey’s part than is being acknowledged in the hyper-emotional debate focused on Genocide recognition and on Nagorno Karabakh.

“Turkey is in a situation where it has alienated its ally Azerbaijan by appearing to cut a deal with Armenia and has been making deals with Russia,” writes author David Davidian.

To read the position paper, click here to access the PDF file.

Note: ArmeniaNow does not necessarily endorse the findings of the paper, but offer it here in hopes of supported a more intelligent debate on this most crucial issue.