Return to Sender?: Government wants better results from postal system

Return to Sender?: Government wants better results from postal system

The Government of Armenia and managers of Haypost Company are negotiating changes to Armenia’s postal system, which according to both sides will give an opportunity for new investments and will improve service.
Manuk Vardanyan

Transport and Communication Minister of Armenia Manuk Vardanyan has stated on at least two occasions that the Government is not satisfied the post’s work – which is managed by Haypost Trust Management Company, which belongs to Argentinean-Armenian businessman Eduardo Ernekian (whose company rebuilt Zvartnots International Airport).

The minister said a form of concession or lease is being considered to improve the volume and overall delivery system.

Head of Haypost public relations, Gevorg Abrahamyan told ArmeniaNow that currently negotiations are being carried between the company and the Government. “It is obvious that in case of passing to concession, the investments will increase,” he said.

Abrahamyan added, however, that Haypost is now already making renovations, creating online service, etc.

“This year we have already opened 16 new branches, 35 more branches are expected by the end of the year. Employees are being trained every day. There are older people among them, and they have some problems with adapting to computers. But we have 900 branches, and it is impossible to improve everything within a day or a year,” Abrahamyan said.