Quick response service: ArmenTel to support Ombudsman’s office hotline

ArmenTel’ (Beeline trademark) has provided 116 short number to RA Human Rights Defender's Office to re-opens its quick response service aiming to raise the efficacy of quick response and to realize a 24-hour duty.

The hotline served by the staff of the Human Rights Defender's Office will provide necessary legal consultation; and if necessary Ombudsman Office’s employees will arrive at a corresponding place, and in some cases, they will pass the information to proper bodies or will check the information.

“We hope that the extra free communication channel between the Ombudsman and the representatives of society will allow enhancing the effectiveness of human rights protection for the sake of Armenia’s future”, said ArmenTel CEO Igor Klimko.

‘ArmenTel’ gave the number to the Ombudsman Office for free, without a monthly subscription fee; besides, the company will take care of the phone number’s installment, and will cover all expenditures connected with the service.

All the incoming calls of the hotline are free of charge from all provinces of Armenia, and it will work on non-working days, holidays, commemoration days, and at weekends.