Free Content to the World: Wikimedia Armenia office opens in “Press Building”

The head office of the Wikimedia Armenia scientific-educational NGO will have its address in the “Press Building” in Yerevan. President Serzh Sargsyan attended the opening of the premises on Friday.

According to his press office, the president toured the premises and got acquainted with the Wikimedia Armenia activities and future programs. At the Conference Hall of the office Sargsyan participated in discussions regarding the development of wiki projects in Armenia.

Wikimedia is a global movement whose mission is to bring free educational content to the world.

Foundation Director Hakob Hakobyan said that the work on repairs and technical equipment of the Wikipedia Armenia head office was carried out the Intellectual Renaissance Foundation established by Artur Janibekyan, which in the past two years also launched and sponsored a series of wiki projects.

“The One Armenian, One Entry project [on expanding the Armenian-language Wikipedia] being carried out by Wikimedia-Armenia has proved quite a success not only in Armenia, but also around the world,” said Hakobyan, adding that as of today Armenian Wikipedia has more than 170 articles.

Wikimedia Armenia scientific-educational NGO President Susanna Mkrtchyan said that today there are about 40,000 registered [Armenian Wikipedia] editors.

Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees President Jan-Bart de Vreede said that he was impressed by Wikipedia Armenia’s activities and projects and that Wikimedia has a lot to learn from its Armenian counterparts.