Eurovision 2016: Armenia’s Iveta Mukuchyan voted best by media after official rehearsal

Armenia’s Eurovision 2016 participant Iveta Mukuchayn scored top ratings from media after her first official rehearsal at Ericsson Globe Arena in Stockholm, Sweden, the venue of the continent’s most popular song contest coming up later this month.

“The start is given,” the 29-year-old Germany-based Armenian singer wrote on her Facebook on Tuesday after earlier revealing: “I am heading for victory in the Eurovision Song Contest.”

The part of the officially released video of the rehearsal shows Mukuchyan alone on the stage singing her upbeat tune, LoveWave, to some special light effects.

“The message of my song is that love is changing everything and everybody in this world is seeking exactly this feeling, this pure feeling of love,” the singer says in an interview with the organizers.

Earlier, the head of the Armenian delegation to Eurovision, Gohar Gasparyan, said that Mukuchyan’s performance would have five back vocalists who, however, would not appear on the stage.

The first and second semifinals in Eurovision 2016 are due to take place on May 10 and 12, with the Grand Finale scheduled for May 14. Armenia’s representative is to take part in the first semifinal.