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Beaten MP: I won’t leave Karabakh

Hayk Khanumyan, the head of the opposition National Rebirth faction in the Nagorno Karabakh Republic’s National Assembly and chairman of the party, has been beaten up and was hospitalized in capital Stepanakert.

Aviation Concerns: Specialists fault legislation for lack of national air carrier in Armenia

According to Armenian aviators, the country lacks a legal basis and liability for the development of aviation and the imperative of having a national carrier requires statesmanship and protectionism.

Military Doctors: No shortage of medicines, equipment at frontlines

Military doctors, who worked at the frontlines during last month’s four-day war, say that the Armenian army is fully provided with medicine, medical equipment and ambulance vehicles.

Saving Mode: Government signals switch to “efficient” administrative system

Officials say the new policy, which the government of Armenia has committed itself to, that is, switching to a stricter regime of saving by forming an efficient administrative system, including cutting on business trips, service vehicles, repairs, is already in progress. They say it is aimed at meeting a vision of “becoming a more effective state,” which has been outlined by the Prime Minister in his statement earlier this month.

Defending the Defenders: Amended Labor Code gives job security guarantees to military volunteers

This week, the Armenian Parliament passed a bill on amending the Labor Code, with which, henceforth, working issues related to volunteers who leave for frontline duty in Nagorno Karabakh will be regulated.

Risky Season: Fish farmers voice concerns after closures hit industry

The fisheries in Armenia are closing down for several reasons: a high cost price of fish production, reduction of exports to Russia, high water bills.

Budget Performance: Discussions on 2015 revenues/expenditures commence in parliament

During the discussions on the performance of the 2015 state budget, which were launched in the National Assembly this week, the country’s chief treasurer said that instead of 4.1 percent, predicted in 2015, 3 percent growth was recorded. That growth, according to him, was mainly due to agriculture and mining.

New Armenia: Sargsyan must resign over statements on Karabakh

Members of a radical opposition movement in Armenia demand the resignation of President Serzh Sargsyan, considering that his thoughts expressed during a press conference on board a plane while returning from a meeting on Nagorno-Karabakh in Vienna, Austria, are equivalent to treason.

Fighting Monopolies: Armenian Government promises level-playing field for businesses

This week, during the parliamentary question-and-answer session with the government, the main topic of which was fight against corruption and monopolies, MPs addressed some sharp questions to the Prime Minister.

Deciphering Diplomacy: Analysts in Yerevan and Baku discuss latest Sargsyan-Aliyev meeting on Karabakh

Armenian and Azerbaijani political analysts expressed different opinions – from cautious optimism to skepticism – when they discussed the results and different aspects of the May 16 meeting in Vienna, Austria, between the Armenian and Azerbaijani presidents during a Media Center teleconference on Tuesday.