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Church and Army: Clergy stood next to servicemen during tense days in Karabakh

The brief war in Nagorno Karabakh in early April resulted not only in the mobilization of the military, but also the clergy, which became evident already on the third day of the hostilities when His Holiness Karekin II, the Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians, conducted an unprecedented prayer at the St. Gregory the Illuminator Church in Yerevan – for the Homeland and the soldiers defending it.

Response to Babayan: Armenian officials downplay criticism from Karabakh’s ex-commander

Ruling party representatives in Armenia take the criticism of the former military commander of Nagorno Karabakh regarding the April fighting with Azerbaijan in its stride, saying, at the same time, that criticizing is the “easiest thing to do”.

IC: Three high-ranking military officials under arrest

A general and two colonels were arrested late on Monday as part of criminal probes being conducted by the Military Investigation Department of Armenia’s Investigative Committee (IC).

Hayastan to NKR: All-Armenian fund offers helping hand to war-affected Karabakh

Armenia’s largest charity, the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund, is again reaching out to the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (NKR) with an offer of assistance in rehabilitation after last month’s brief war with Azerbaijan.

Grapes of Wrath: Armenian farmers demand pay for last year’s produce

Hundreds of farmers from a number of communities in Armenia continue to hold protests and demand payments from distilleries for the grapes they sold to them still last year.

Last Bell: Parents, students complain about high “school graduation” expenses

Despite the fight carried out by different agencies against money collection at schools, this ongoing phenomenon activates at the end of every academic year and particularly during preparations for the so-called Last Bell, or graduation parties, taking place in late May.

Meal Deal: Education minister calls for continuation, expansion of school feeding program in Armenia

It is already several years that more than 90,000 schoolchildren from one to four grades every day have got hot meals, such as a variety of soups, cereals, pasta, pilafs, as well as salads, cheese and other vitamin rich food in all the provinces of Armenia.

Standing Their Ground in Garni: Villagers savor success after stopping controversial irrigation project

The cancellation of a controversial irrigation project as a result of sustained protests by residents of a central Armenian community has been described by many as the latest proof of an Armenian proverb that says: “If the village stands, it can break a trunk.”

Bundestag Member: Armenian Genocide Resolution important for WWI Ottoman ally Germany

The authors of the German Parliament’s resolution on recognition of the Armenian Genocide are confident that this time the bill will be adopted. Some also believe that the passage of the resolution is first of all necessary for Germany, which was an ally of Ottoman Turkey during World War I.

Phased v Package: Analyst says either form of solution unfavorable for Armenians in Karabakh

Neither “phased”, nor “package” options of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict settlement are acceptable for political analyst Ara Papian, the head of the Yerevan-based Modus Vivendi analytical center, who does not see any essential difference in them.