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Looking For Consensus: Government, opposition still divided over electoral bill

Armenian parliamentary forces continued to discuss the draft electoral code that was passed in the first reading late last month amid claims by the opposition about lack of consensus. Representatives of the authorities, meanwhile, assured the opposition that discussions could also proceed between the second and third reading votes based on opposition proposals to achieve consensus.

Revolutionary Approach?: Opposition skeptical after PM’s call for drastic reform

Armenia’s opposition groups reacted mostly with skepticism to Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan’s “revolutionary” call for speedy reforms in various spheres of Armenia’s political and public life, casting doubts that rhetoric will be followed by real action.

Dirty Bomb Row: References to Armenia’s ‘nuke capability’ spark hysteria in Azerbaijan

Allegations about Armenia’s “nuclear capabilities” and even possession of some kind of an “A-bomb”, which have been strongly denied at the state level in Yerevan, have recently led to a real anti-Armenian hysteria in Azerbaijan where at different levels calls have been made for the international community to deal with the matter.

Waiting Till Right Moment: Armenian opposition parties argue against vote on Karabakh bill

Armenia’s bill “On the Recognition of the Artsakh (an alternative name for Nagorno Karabakh) Republic” has been perceived ambiguously and different parliamentary parties have already announced that they will probably not vote at all should it come up for a voting at the National Assembly.

Mechanics of Recognition: Long process required for Karabakh bill to become law

If Armenia is to recognize the independence of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (NKR), then the opposition-drafted bill that got a go-ahead from the government based on its endorsement of a Foreign Ministry conclusion on May 5 should still pass several stages before becoming a law.

AGBU: No program in Karabakh hampered by escalation, new activities added

The Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU), which is the world’s largest Armenian non-profit organization, says the latest escalation in Nagorno-Karabakh has not hampered its current programs and activities in the second Armenian republic.

From ‘Political Pensioner’ to ‘Statesman’: RPA praises ex-prez’s behavior amid Karabakh crisis

“A manifestation of outstanding statesmanship.” This is how ex-president Levon Ter-Petrosyan’s behavior after the April aggression of Azerbaijan against Nagorno-Karabakh has been described by Deputy Parliament Speaker Eduard Sharmazanov, who is also a spokesperson for the ruling Republican Party of Armenia (RPA).

Offshore Probe: Criminal case launched over ex-SMEJA head’s activities

Armenia’s Special Investigation Service (SIS) has launched a criminal case in connection with the offshore activities of Armenia’s former chief of the Service for Mandatory Execution of Judicial Acts (SMEJA) Mihran Poghosyan who resigned from his post last month following a global scandal dubbed Panama Papers, SIS spokesperson Mikayel Aharonyan informed ArmeniaNow.

Support For Militia: Labor Code amendments to help volunteers avoid job losses

When hostilities broke out in Nagorno-Karabakh in early April, thousands of volunteers, many of whom still participated in the 1992-1994 war, joined the regular troops to help resist Azerbaijan’s aggression. Many of them stayed put near the frontlines even after active military operations ground to a halt following a verbal ceasefire agreement on April 5 and their presence there and participation in border protection admittedly remains an important factor of homeland defense today.

Heated Debate, Easy Passage: RPA-dominated parliament adopts electoral code

The ruling Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) and its allies that dominate the Armenian National Assembly on Thursday ensured a first-reading passage of a new electoral bill that had earlier become a subject of heated discussions in and outside the legislature.