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Goght Protest: Another Armenian village up in arms over irrigation project

Residents of the village of Goght in the Kotayk province of Armenia have kept the road to their village closed for a few hours, thus expressing their protest and disagreement with the government program, under which the Gegardalich water reservoir near the village is to be given to several villages after reconstruction.

Genocide Recognition: Armenian scholar says Bundestag resolution signal for other countries

Last week’s resolution adopted by the German Parliament, the Bundestag, will be a signal for other countries to consider starting an Armenian Genocide recognition process, said Hayk Demoyan, the head of the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute in Yerevan.

Fight for Demonopolization: Expert says political decisions needed to deal with market “concentration”

While the Armenian government is taking steps to regulate “high concentration” areas of the economy, many in the country still remain skeptical about its having the necessary political will to fight against corruption and monopolies.

Official: New law on civil service to promote more efficient state work

A new civil service law will be adopted this year. It is expected to make civil servants’ work more efficient and solve a number of major issues, something that so far has not been done due to its laboriousness, said Manvel Badalyan, the chairman of Armenia’s Civil Service Council, on Wednesday.

From Abuse to Murder: Women’s rights activists in Armenia press for legislation to deal with domestic violence

Armenia’s authorities have pledged to adopt, within less than six months, a law “On Prevention of Domestic Violence”, which has twice been sent back from the National Assembly and is being amended again.

Defeating the Purpose?: Minister suggests granting monopoly to sugar importation as part of anti-trust fight

The statement by Armenia’s Economy Minister Artsvik Minasyan about the possible official granting of a monopoly for sugar importation has deepened public skepticism regarding the government’s declared anti-trust and anti-corruption efforts.

Economist: Armenia left out of another major regional project

Armenia is not taking any practical steps to become a more reliable economic partner for Iran, due to which it seems to be getting bypassed by another major regional project, says economist Vahagn Khachatryan.

Come to Artsakh: Campaign encourages Armenians to support Karabakh by trips

Thousands of activists have joined the appeal of the Nagorno Karabakh authorities for people to come to the unrecognized republic that has seen a dramatic fall in the number of tourists this year because of the brief war with Azerbaijan in early April.

Through Camera Lens: Obama photographer helps Karabakh teenagers with photo display

A New York-based photojournalist well known for her photographs of American President Barack Obama during his campaign leading up to his presidency has conducted a workshop for students in Nagorno Karabakh, helping them organize a photo exhibition of their own works.

Land Debate: Loss of “unimportant” territory makes life in Karabakh village unsafe

As the debate about whether the territories lost by the Armenian military in the brief war with Azerbaijan in Nagorno Karabakh in early April goes on in Armenia, hundreds of displaced residents of a village situated close to the restive line of contact in the northeastern direction cannot return to their homes because of the altered military positions.