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Matter of Trust: Oppositionist says government can regain people’s confidence with real reform

Most people in Armenia do not trust the government and the authorities in general even if they declare about measures to fight corruption and other vicious practices because of their track record of going back on promises in the past, an oppositionist says.

U.S.-Armenia: American businesses encouraged to invest in Armenian economy

Specific measures have been drafted and implemented as part of the Trade and Investment Framework Agreement that was signed between the governments of Armenia and the United States a year ago.

Acting Amid Skepticism: Ministry of economy seeks media, public ‘tip-offs’ for better anti-trust policies

While the initiative of Armenia’s government to fight corruption appears to be gaining new forms, many observers and opposition members remained skeptical and unconvinced, discarding the process as another “imitation”.

Brainstorming: Government members, lawmakers discuss anti-corruption fight after PM’s initiative

Assurances by the Armenian government about its determination to fight corruption do not appear yet to inspire opposition parties and representatives of civil society that this fight is going to be successful.

EEU Official: Armenia’s 2016 export figures “impressive”

Armenia is the only country in the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) that registered economic growth and did not saw a decline in 2015, the EEU Board member, Minister of Macroeconomics and Main Integration Directions Tatyana Valovaya said during a teleconference with Yerevan from Moscow on May 12.

Tax Code Debate: Entrepreneurs want ‘long-term predictability’ to be addressed in new legislation

The new Tax Code, initiated by the authorities of Armenia, will contribute to increasing transparency in tax collection; it will make the field more predictable and will reduce the risks of corruption, say authors of the draft Code, as well as representatives of international financial organizations.

Taxing Problem in Panama: 38 Armenians linked to evasion via off-shore holdings

Publication of more names of Armenian citizens found in Panamanian documents has raised a new wave of discussions in the media and social networks, the majority of which single out the negative impact of the financial drain on the economy. Scandal: Allegations against website cast shadow on Armenia’s media sphere

The recent arrest in Armenia of a website manager and her assistant on extortion charges has cast a shadow on the country’s media industry, creating a challenge for it find ways to combat this vicious phenomenon.

Smells Like War: Armenian analysts do not rule out new Azerbaijani aggression in Karabakh

Given the amassment of Azerbaijani troops along the line of contact with Nagorno-Karabakh, military analysts and observers in Armenia do not rule out another offensive by Azerbaijan at any time if it has no constraining circumstances.

Economist: Ban on import of Turkish goods would have more negative effect on Armenia

While Armenia’s government, responding to the demands of some public circles, is carrying out studies as to gains and losses of a possible move to ban the import of Turkish goods, some local experts already present their calculations.