Sky Clean

Temperature in Yerevan today is +25 C (79F).

Blonde on Blond

Temperature in Yerevan today is +29C (84F).

Pillar Art

Lampposts around a downtown Yerevan square have recently been covered with music-inspired drawings to get “in tune” with the nearby Opera House.

First Republic Day

The main events marking Armenia’s First Republic Day took place on May 28 at Sardarapat, in the country’s western Armavir province, where Armenian troops and volunteers waged heroic battles for days in late May 1918 stopping the advancement of Turkish troops. The successes in the battlefields at Sardarapat as well as in Bash Aparan and Gharakilisa led to the establishment of the first short-lived democratic Armenian state 98 years ago.

Last Bell

Nearly 25,000 students across Armenia marked their school graduation on May 27 with traditional events and parties ushering in a new post-school reality for them.

Standing Tall

A monument to Garegin Nzhdeh has been installed near Republic Square in Yerevan and is to be dedicated later. Nzhdeh (1886-1955) was a national hero who was a key leader in the establishment of the first Republic of Armenia.

Wind Fall

Squalls in Yerevan felling trees and damaging infrastructure have given trouble to communal services and residents of the Armenian capital at the beginning of this week.

Pour toi, Aznavour!

Sunday saw a concert in Yerevan’s Charles Aznavour Square dedicated to the 92nd birthday anniversary of the world-renowned French-Armenian crooner.


An amusement park near Poplavok, a popular hangout spot in downtown Yerevan, is now open for children and their parents looking for outdoor fun.

Pontic Genocide

Greeks of Armenia and Karabakh organized a commemoration ceremony at the hilltop Armenian Genocide Memorial, Tsitsernakaberd, in Yerevan May 19 for their ancestors who were persecuted and massacred in a systematic ethnic cleansing of the Christian Greek population in Ottoman Turkey a century ago in what is known as the Pontic Genocide.