In the Hadrut province of Karabakh.

Zoo Time

A zoo in the Armenian capital reopened its gates to visitors on Sunday with improved conditions for animals and other renovated infrastructure. Managers at the Yerevan Zoological Garden promise more improvements by the end of the year when the second stage of reforms is due to be completed.

Battle Zone Playtime

Village children in the Karabakh province of Hadrut appear oblivious to the troubles that have recently put their lives in peril.

Shift Work

Volunteer soldiers in Karabakh await their return back to the places of permanent stationing, while other volunteers replace them as high alert is maintained on the front lines in the ongoing conflict with Azerbaijan.

George Clooney arrived in Armenia

The co-founders of 100 LIVES and the Aurora Prize Selection committee, Hollywood actor George Clooney has arrived in Armenia to participate in the events commemorating the 101st anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

Yezidi Genocide Memorial

A memorial to Yezidis and other victims of the genocide committed by ISIS in Iraq and Syria has been unveiled in Yerevan. Leaders of Armenia’s ethnic Yezidi community, members of parliament and the head of the EU delegation to Armenia attended the inauguration of the moment on Thursday.

Ruins of War

A Nagorno-Karabakh Defense Army soldier is looking at what has been left from the house of ceremonies in the northeastern village of Talish that came under one of the fiercest attacks from Azerbaijan during the four-day war in early April.


Temperature in Yerevan today is +25C (77F).

Freedom to Levon Hayrapetyan

A protest in support of Russian-Armenian businessman Levon Hayrapetyan, who was sentenced to four years in prison last week in a trial on fraud charges in Moscow, took place in Yerevan today. Hayrapetyan is known to have carried out numerous charity programs for Nagorno-Karabakh and many in Armenia see an “Azeri hand” in the jail term against the Karabakh-born philanthropist.

Lawnmower Men

Spring cleaning and improvement work is in full swing in capital Yerevan where temperature today is +21 C (70F).