Conquer Cancer: Yerevan conference brings message of hope

On May 18, an International Conference called “Conquering Cancer with a Smile”, was held in Yerevan with participation of experts from leading cancer centers in Armenia and other countries.

Job Security: Gov. endorses Labor Code amendments for military volunteers

People joining regular troops as volunteers during conflicts will have additional job security guarantees, according to the Armenian government.

LiBearTy: ‘Immigrants’ from Armenia settle down in Romanian bear sanctuary

Former Armenian residents, Masha and Girsha (Misha), have taken their first steps on the grass in a bear sanctuary in Romania after being moved there through a strenuous effort involving activists from several countries.

Society’s Victory?: Panama Papers-triggered resignation of SMEJA chief sparks debate in Armenia

The Monday resignation of Mihran Poghosyan, the head of the Justice Ministry’s powerful Service of Mandatory Execution of Judicial Acts (SMEJA), whose name is linked with a global offshore scandal, is considered by some as a victory for media or civil society, others, however, believe it is not enough in terms of restoring justice and legality.

Transportation Concerns: Yerevan bus explosion triggers public debate

The blast on a bus that occurred on Monday in capital Yerevan served as a ground for raising issues of public transportation in Armenia. Babken Pipoyan, the Chairman of the Informed and Protected Consumer NGO, regrets that public transport issues are reviewed only when an accident occurs.

Martakert: A Karabakh town defying war under Azeri shelling

Despite being regularly shelled by Azerbaijan, Martakert, a town at Nagorno-Karabakh’s northeastern border, ties to continue to live a normal life, defying war.

Injury Update: Two critical; five serious but all stable after treatment from bus explosion

The Ministry of Health reports that the condition of all people who were taken to Armenia Medical Center as a result of a blast on a bus in capital Yereavn late on Monday is stable.

No Tobacco Day: No dramatic changes in number of smokers in Armenia

The concept of antismoking packaging of cigarettes is one of the most effective means of fighting against smoking both in Armenia and around the world, Alexander Bazarchyan, the head of the National Institute of Health of Armenia, told media Tuesday, which is World No Tobacco Day.

Gone With the Wind: Squall plays havoc with infrastructure in Armenia

As authorities in Yerevan and elsewhere in Armenia are estimating the damage caused by strong winds, the country’s meteorological services forecast more “unstable” weather for the coming days, though ruling out the repetition of the kind of squall that played havoc with populated areas in the country on May 23.

Last Bell: Parents, students complain about high “school graduation” expenses

Despite the fight carried out by different agencies against money collection at schools, this ongoing phenomenon activates at the end of every academic year and particularly during preparations for the so-called Last Bell, or graduation parties, taking place in late May.