Government postpones new pension scheme for private sector employees

The Armenian government on Thursday decided to delay for a year the introduction of a compulsory accumulative pension scheme for private sector employees.

Tank-Man Protest: Activist faces prison term over “street art” action

An Armenian civil activist who recently drove a cardboard tank through Yerevan streets in a “street art” protest and hit the metal gates of the National Security Service (NSS) building with it is facing a month in prison for his act qualified as hooliganism.

No Tobacco Day: No dramatic changes in number of smokers in Armenia

The concept of antismoking packaging of cigarettes is one of the most effective means of fighting against smoking both in Armenia and around the world, Alexander Bazarchyan, the head of the National Institute of Health of Armenia, told media Tuesday, which is World No Tobacco Day.

Lawyer: Few cases of violence against children recorded in Armenia

As a society Armenians are known to adore children and thus very few cases of violence against children are officially registered in the country, said Marine Farmanyan, a lawyer at the Chamber of Advocates of the Republic of Armenia, adding, however, that there are gaps in court procedural norms.

Support For Militia: Labor Code amendments to help volunteers avoid job losses

When hostilities broke out in Nagorno-Karabakh in early April, thousands of volunteers, many of whom still participated in the 1992-1994 war, joined the regular troops to help resist Azerbaijan’s aggression. Many of them stayed put near the frontlines even after active military operations ground to a halt following a verbal ceasefire agreement on April 5 and their presence there and participation in border protection admittedly remains an important factor of homeland defense today.

Transparency International: Laws on paper only, don’t help the corruption fight

There has been stagnation in fighting corruption for years in Armenia, and anti-corruption laws have not been implemented, said an international organization’s representative in Armenia.

Injury Update: Two critical; five serious but all stable after treatment from bus explosion

The Ministry of Health reports that the condition of all people who were taken to Armenia Medical Center as a result of a blast on a bus in capital Yereavn late on Monday is stable.

Monumental Issue: New statues in Yerevan spark public debate

Two statues dedicated to historical Armenian figures unveiled in Yerevan last week have become a subject of heated public debate around esthetics as well as other aspects of their installment.

Ag Expert: Armenia needs Turkish imports to meet domestic demand

In case of a ban on imports of agricultural products from Turkey, the Armenian market will hardly be able to meet domestic demand, said Hrach Berberyan, the head of the Agriculture Union of Armenia, told media.

At the Frontlines: Karabakh soldiers say feel strong support of society

In one of the tents of the Nagorno-Karabakh Defense Army’s N military unit located at the northeast boundary of NKR, sweets and hygiene accessories from the rear are carefully placed. However, the dearest of the things sent to the front line after the four-day war, which broke out at the beginning of April, are the letters, which the soldiers in the frontline received from school children.