For English Proficiency: AGBU expands Education Innovation Platform for Armenia

The world’s largest Armenian non-profit organization is expanding its education innovation platform in Armenia also to include a program aimed at raising the level of English proficiency in the country.

Fighting Corruption: EU wants to see results of reforms in Armenia

At an anti-corruption forum in Armenia last week, head of the European Union (EU) Delegation to Armenia Piotr Switalski said that if there are no visible results of the fight against corruption in Armenia, the EU will not allocate the 15 million Euros (about $17 million) that it has promised to give for anti-corruption struggle.

Job Security: Gov. endorses Labor Code amendments for military volunteers

People joining regular troops as volunteers during conflicts will have additional job security guarantees, according to the Armenian government. Scandal: Allegations against website cast shadow on Armenia’s media sphere

The recent arrest in Armenia of a website manager and her assistant on extortion charges has cast a shadow on the country’s media industry, creating a challenge for it find ways to combat this vicious phenomenon.

Government postpones new pension scheme for private sector employees

The Armenian government on Thursday decided to delay for a year the introduction of a compulsory accumulative pension scheme for private sector employees.

World Press Day: Censorship is harmful, even in time of war

In war, journalists should be allow to report sensitive information, the disclosure of which, is in the public interest, said Samvel Martirosyan, an information security expert and blogger, at a press conference dedicated to World Press Freedom Day.

Creative Proposal: MP says sperm bank should be created for conscripts

A legislative initiative proposing creating a sperm bank for military conscripts has caused an outcry on social media in Armenia.

Support For Militia: Labor Code amendments to help volunteers avoid job losses

When hostilities broke out in Nagorno-Karabakh in early April, thousands of volunteers, many of whom still participated in the 1992-1994 war, joined the regular troops to help resist Azerbaijan’s aggression. Many of them stayed put near the frontlines even after active military operations ground to a halt following a verbal ceasefire agreement on April 5 and their presence there and participation in border protection admittedly remains an important factor of homeland defense today.

Defer or Not to Defer: New bill would reverse military exemptions

A new bill has come before the National Assembly that would revoke the current law that grants military deferment to graduate students.

Martakert: A Karabakh town defying war under Azeri shelling

Despite being regularly shelled by Azerbaijan, Martakert, a town at Nagorno-Karabakh’s northeastern border, ties to continue to live a normal life, defying war.