Senior Statistician: No essential change in prices recording in Armenia in Jan-Apr

Photo: Photolure

Senior National Statistical Service (NSS) official Gurgen Martirosyan, summing up price changes in the consumer market so far this year, said that after a high inflation in Armenia’s consumer market at the beginning of the year, “deflation trends” have appeared.

According to him, as a result, the overall cost of goods, compared to December, has not undergone any essential changes.

“In January 2016, a significantly high inflation, 2.2 percent, was recorded in consumer market, and then deflation was recorded in the next three months. In particular, the decline recorded in the last three months, made up 2.1 percent, he told media on Tuesday.

According to him, the highest deflation was recorded in the town of Hrazdan, the lowest was in the towns of Gyumri and Vanadzor, whereas in capital Yerevan the deflation amounted to 0.2 percent.

“The highest inflation rate was recorded in the case of fruit, amounting to 4.7 percent. A total of 0.1 percent increase was registered in prices of bread products, while prices for meat have increased by 0.3 percent. The prices of confectionery products have gone up by 0.2 percent.

Prices for vegetables have dropped by 4.3 percent. The deflation of dairy products has amounted to one percent, while the prices for eggs have gone down by 2.6 percent,” said the NSS representative.

The level of inflation in the 2016 state budget is projected at 4 (±1.5%) percent.