Smart and Armenian: Armenia’s first smartphone goes on sale

Photo: Photolure

The first smartphone made in Armenia, called the ArmPhone, went on sale this week. Various Armphone models were unveiled during a kick-off celebration on Monday held as part of a marketing campaign called “It’s Time for Armenian [products].”

Produced by the Technology and Science Dynamics Inc./Armtab Technoligies,  an Armenian and American joint venture, the ArmPhone, according to the company founder Vahan Shakaryan, compares to other smartphones being developed today in the open market.

“It is important to note that our product is high quality and we stand behind and take responsibility for the quality of our product,” said Shakaryan, as quoted by media. “We produce [our product] in Armenia, we are with our consumers and take full responsibility for every step, from production to customer service.”

TheArmPhone features a 5.1-inch, full HD-screen and is priced at between $100 to $300 (51,000 to 151,000 drams). The ArmPhone, which also features 32GB memory run on the Android 6.0 or 5.1 operating system with a 4G connection, comes in five models with varying features—the 0502, 0505, 0508 0509 and 0520. The ArmPhone will also feature a variety of ringtones featuring music by Armenian composers.

Shakaryan, who said that the production of the ArmPhone will greatly improve Armenia’s economy, also added the company had plans to export the phone to Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Ukraine and Belarus, before expanding to other markets in Europe. He also announced that an ArmPhone store will open soon in Moscow.

The company already released the ArmTab tablet last year.