Canadian PM reaffirms Armenian Genocide, urged to condemn Turkey’s denial

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In his inaugural year in office, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau released a statement commemorating the 101st anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

According to the Armenian National Committee of Canada (ANCC), in his statement Trudeau recalled resolutions of both Canada’s Senate and House of Commons recognizing the Armenian Genocide and stated that “[Canadians] preserve the memory of those who lost their lives, and those who suffered, during this genocide and pay our deepest respects to their descendants, including those who now call Canada home.”

“We are encouraged to see that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is holding true to Canada’s commitment to condemn acts of genocide, including the Armenian Genocide,” stated ANCC President Dr. Girair Basmadjian, as quoted by

He, however, challenged Canada to do more to condemn Turkey’s denial of the Armenian Genocide.

“While the Prime Minister’s message reaffirms the Canadian government’s recognition of the Armenian Genocide and the need to prevent future genocides, it fails to condemn successive Turkish governments that perpetrated the Armenian Genocide between 1915 and 1923, nor does it condemn the ongoing denial campaign by the Republic of Turkey,” concluded Basmadjian.

The ANCC said it will continue to work with the Canadian government and elected representatives throughout Canada to ensure that “future statements include condemnation of any denial by successive Turkish governments.”