President Sargsyan: Armenia at the forefront of fighting crime of genocide


Armenia has reaffirmed its commitment to be at the forefront of international efforts to fight the crime of genocide as President Serzh Sargsyan addressed a second international forum hosted in Yerevan on the eve of the 101st anniversary of the Ottoman-era Armenian Genocide.

“Our vision today is clear – absolute realization of the inadmissibility of genocide must be implanted in order to protect the world from such calamities,” the Armenian leader said in his remarks in front of the participants of the “Against the Crime of Genocide” global forum that opened at the Karen Demirchyan Complex in Yerevan on April 23.

In the context of the need to prevent genocides Sargsyan, according to his press office, also spoke about modern-day atrocities, in particular, in the Middle East where ISIS militants have been killing innocent people, including women, children and elderly. He drew parallels with the atrocities committed by Azerbaijan in its recent aggression against the people of Nagorno-Karabakh.

“Azeri soldiers did not limit themselves to shooting: they maimed the bodies of elderly people, Armenian soldiers, cut their heads and ears, presenting all this as heroism in social media. And all that was done with open encouragement of Azerbaijan’s authorities,” the Armenian president said.

“We should ensure that such dissemination of hatred should not have a place in our times, that every government should refrain from such a behavior as it will fear being held accountable.”

Sargsyan cited the positive example of the Swedish government and society that ostracized a Turkish nationalist who delivered a hate speech against Armenians earlier this month.