Tsitsernakaberd Vows: Armenian officials pledge continued efforts on genocide recognition

Photo: Photolure

Armenia’s political leadership, representatives of ruling and opposition political parties visited the Armenian Genocide Memorial at Tsitsernakaberd, Yerevan, today to pay tribute to the victims of the Ottoman-era massacres remembered every year on April 24.

In their statements, representatives of the Armenian political elite called for the international reaffirmation of what was the first genocide of the 20th century to avoid the repetition of such crimes in the future.

“Only through recognition of the Armenian Genocide by the whole world will it be possible to prevent new genocides from happening in the future,” Armenian Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan told media while visiting Tsitsernakaberd.
He stressed that Armenian efforts to achieve this recognition will continue.

According to the Armenian premier, the process will be considered complete when the Turkish government and the Turkish people admit the genocide committed by their ancestors.

Armenia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Shavarsh Kocharyan also described the Armenian Genocide recognition and condemnation as a universal issue.

And head of the Investigative Committee Aghvan Hovsepyan emphasized: “Everything is being done for the recognition of the Armenian genocide and no one will abandon the cause.”