Healing the Wounds: Soldiers from Karabakh getting treatment at military hospital in Yerevan

Photo: Photolure

Hayk Torosyan, a 19-year-old-conscript of Nagorno-Karabakh’s Defense Army, is one of the 121 soldiers who got wounded during four-day hostilities at the line of contact with Azerbaijan.

As a result of the clashes at the frontline that lasted from April 2 to April 5, 33 Armenian servicemen were killed, 121 got wounded, and 25 are now listed as missing.

The condition of private Torosyan, who, on April 3, was taken to Yerevan’s central clinical military hospital with a gunshot wound on the head, is considered critical.

On April 6, David Torosyan, Hayk’s father, told media that his son was already out of coma.

“My son was in a coma, but today he was a bit better. When I called his name, and said that we were by his side, he squeezed my hand, which means that he was able to understand me,” he said.

Besides Hayk, another 29 wounded servicemen are receiving treatment in the same hospital.

According to Aram Asatryan, the head of the hospital, the health condition of five of them is considered critical. Death cases have not been registered yet.

“Those, who are in critical condition, have got different types of trauma, mostly with gunshot shrapnel in limbs, abdomen and head. There is no need for blood and food. Besides, the hospital has its doctors and collaborates with the leading professionals in the healthcare system. Consultations are held. Our cooperation is at a very high level,” he said.

Yesterday, Defense Minister Seyran Ohanyan, during an answer-and-question session at the National Assembly, referred to provision of aid to wounded soldiers and their families at the state level.

“The wounded servicemen will be given aid within the framework of the support package provided by the law and the Ministry is working in the direction of organizing their quick recovery. These days, the president and many officials were in the hospital, and fortunately for us, I must say that they [the wounded soldiers] have a desire to return [to the army], even with amputated feet,” the defense minister said.