Karabakh War Fallout: Armenia raises issue of Azerbaijan’s mutilating dead bodies of soldiers

The authorities of Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh should spare no effort for collecting evidence on the torture of Armenian soldiers’ bodies by Azerbaijan so as to be able to appeal to international institutions later, say human rights advocates.

On Thursday, Alik Avetisyan, a senior assistant to the defense minister, told media that the bodies of soldiers are subjected to forensic examination.

Avetisyan did not deny that there is clear evidence in terms of tortured bodies, but the details will be published later.

On April 10, the exchange of bodies took place near the Bash Karvend settlement. Azerbaijan transferred 18 bodies of soldiers to the Armenian side. Armenian experts said all of the bodies were mutilated.

“A thorough professional fact-finding mission should be carried out in Artsakh. There, both the National Assembly and representatives of the government must start that work as soon as possible,” said Larisa Alaverdyan, the Executive Director of the Foundation against Violation of Law NGO.

According to her, the UN has many mechanisms and various forms of intervention, starting from the simplest reports. The MPs should be consistent about sanctions, which must not be a mere promise, but really come into force.

“No other country, like Azerbaijan, has ever opposed the humanitarian norms in such a demonstrative way. This is not a simple violation,” said Alaverdyan, who was born and educated in Soviet Azerbaijan.

She added that this act grossly violates a number of international laws and norms.

And MP Edmon Marukyan said: “We should work in three directions: to prove that the aggression, military actions and the mass violation of human rights took place from the Azerbaijani side.”