Continued Provisions: Initiative set for fresh collection of goods for frontline fighters


While the Defense Ministry of Armenia assures that Armenian armed forces are provided with all necessary accessories, the “First Necessity Items and Food from Rear to the Frontline”, initiative started on April 2, has continued to implement its action by taking essentials to the frontline.

April 20-21 from 3-8 p.m. the initiative group will again assemble in Mashtots Park to receive donations of spades, raincoats, flashlights and other necessary items to transfer them to frontline soldiers.

The first supply of essentials was delivered to Karabakh on April 5 and April 9. The next supply will probably be provided this week or on Sunday.

Maxim Sargsyan, a coordination group member of the initiative said the group was dissatisfied with coordinating works by the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Armenia (MES). The initiative group is going to pay the third expected visit without the MES’s assistance.

“Our second trip was done by the MES’s assistance. When we arrived in Karabakh, it became clear that all the essentials had to be sorted out and kept in Stepanakert, and later transferred to the frontline which would take about 5 days. We were against it and after discussion the cars [with necessary items] went to different positions,” he said.