New Casualty: Armenian serviceman killed near Nakhijevan

Photo: Photolure

A contract serviceman of Armenia’s Armed Forces has been killed as Azerbaijani forces reportedly continued to fire at Armenian positions at different sections of the state frontier overnight.

Armenia’s Defense Ministry said Aram Ohanyan was fatally wounded with a sniper shot released by the enemy while on duty at one of the posts in the southwestern direction of the Armenian-Azerbaijani border (near the Azeri exclave of Nakhijevan) on May 14.

armenia-azerbaijan-karabakh-map-NakhijevanMeanwhile, Nagorno-Karabakh’s Defense Ministry said Azerbaijani forces also continued to violate the terms of the April 5 ceasefire arrangement, but no changes in the “operative situation” along the line of contact were registered overnight.

Particularly intensive violations were reported in the southern direction of the frontline where Azerbaijani forces used an armored vehicle and grenade-launchers to fire at Armenian positions.

The Karabakh military said its vanguard units were in control of the situation along the entire perimeter of the line of contact and continued to “confidently carry out their combat tasks”.