From WWII to Karabakh: Armenian Prez congratulates nation on Victory and Peace Day


Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan paid tribute to the Armenians who fought and achieved victory against Nazi Germany in World War II as well as defended the independence of Nagorno Karabakh decades later in his message released on the occasion of Victory and Peace Day marked on May 9.

“For our nation the Second World War was really a Patriotic War. Many of the sons of our nation fought for the freedom of our Fatherland and its bright future. They fought at all fronts, at the battle field and at the home front,” Sargsyan said, as quoted by his press office.

“Today, we pay tribute and express our gratitude to the bright memory of our heroic predecessors, hundreds of thousands of whom fell in the struggle against the evil. We also pay tribute and express gratitude to a sadly small number of veterans who today stand with us.”

“This holiday is dedicated not only to the military victory but also to peace. Along with other nations of the Soviet Union, we paid dearly for the victory and earned peace. That victory had given us a historic chance to get back to our feet as a nation economically, culturally, and politically. We know all too well the price of that victory.”

In his message President Sargsyan also dwelled on the other memorable date marked by Armenians on this day and connected with the national-liberation struggle in Karabakh.

“For us, May 9 was reconsidered and reassessed with the liberation of Shushi in 1992. The cultural center of Artsakh (an Armenian name for Karabakh), which for centuries had been spreading light, education, science and arts, was turned into a monstrous weapon emplacement which was spreading death and destruction all around. For us, the liberation of Shushi was the matter of life and death; on May 9 we repeated the heroic act of our fathers and grandfathers and changed the course of the war.”

The Armenian president emphasized that 24 years after that, in the four-day war against Azerbaijan in early April, the sons of the liberators of Shushi “repeated the heroic act of their fathers.”

“This time, these were not the fidayi units but regiments of the mature regular army. They proved that each new generation of the Armenian nation is ready to again and resolutely defend our security, peace, and rights.

“I congratulate us all on this glorious holiday. I wish us all peaceful skies and productive work.”