Experts: Azerbaijan’s aggression against Karabakh bolstered by Turkish support

During the four-day war Azerbaijan’s adventure also stemmed from Turkey’s support, said expert Levon Hovsepyan.

“Turkey made very hasty statements at the highest level. Ankara officially encouraged, welcomed and expressed its support to Azerbaijan. In a sense, this adventure of Azerbaijan to a large extent also depended on Turkey’s support,” the expert told media on Tuesday.

According to him, there is a need to raise the issue at international organizations: how is it possible that the state, which is involved in the format aimed at peaceful settlement of the conflict makes racist and inflammatory statements.

“Nationalist sentiments were also high within expert circles and certain enthusiasm was observed within Azerbaijan in connection with an alleged victory,” he said.

As regional neighbors, Iran and Georgia, appear to have demonstrated unbiased behavior. The Iranian press provided balanced reporting also citing the Armenian and Karabakh Defense ministries.

“From the very beginning the Iranian Foreign Ministry issued a statement. They called for the conflict to be settled through negotiations, based on international law,” said Armen Israelian, an expert in Iranian studies.

According to him, it was basically stated that the Islamic Republic of Iran has an impartial stance over the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. “At the same time, Iran offered its mediation to facilitate the settlement of the conflict.”

“Iran is in favor of the status quo, and their neutral position at this stage is in Armenia’s interests, but at the same time two Turkish spiritual leaders of Iran’s Northern provinces, as well as two MPs made openly anti-Armenian statements,” he said.

Official Tbilisi was also impartial and generally called the sides for a quick regulation. According to Alik Eroyants, an expert in Georgian studies, unexpected was the reaction by Georgian media.

“There were only a few media outlets that did not present the position of the Armenian side, providing more news reports from Azeri sources,” he said.