Praise for “PhysMath”: Yerevan school honored for 40 years of high quality

Jubilation reigned in the yard of the Yerevan State University’s Artashes Shahinyan Special Physics & Mathematics School on Monday, to mark the school’s 40th year.

Staff, pupils, graduates and former teachers joined other guests, an orchestra and a dance group, to congratulate each other on four decades of scientific education.

The school’s headmaster Haykaz Navasardyan says the Physics and Mathematics School was and remains a unique school in the republic by its history and activities as well as achievements.

Known as “PhysMath”, the school has turned out about 4,000 graduates (it has 550 students today), many of whom are now in leadership roles in various scientific fields.

“Physmath graduates today continue to build up the country’s future and contribute their efforts for the nation as far as possible for the prosperity of science, culture and any sphere,” says Navasardyan.

The proud headmaster (since 2002) says the school has earned its reputation for high scholarship and its alumni feel obliged to carry the standards into their professional lives.

School administrator Susanna Avetisyan says the school has succeeded in a near-100 percent placement of its graduates into different institutions of higher education in Armenia, Russia and other countries.

“A nice-looking corner, an oasis of knowledge, emerged in the country’s educational system in 1965, which attracted those children who wanted to satisfy their urge for physics and mathematics,” says Avetisyan. “During these 40 years the school has been an auspicious environment for many of its graduates to become well-known scientists, politicians and outstanding specialists of different spheres of public economy.”

Among graduates who had come to congratulate his alma mater, was Manuk Mkrtchyan. After graduating from school he worked for many years in the education system of Russia where, according to him, people know and respect Yerevan’s PhysMath school.

“I consider myself lucky because I had the honor of studying at PhysMath during the period of its first pupils and first teachers. I felt especially proud when different world-famous mathematicians asked me about the school,” says Mkrtchyan. “The school developed us in different important directions, but the most important of them is the development of thinking and the system of value.”

Some of the school’s graduates today contribute their knowledge to foster a new generation of physicists and mathematicians for the country.

The school’s teacher Nairi Sedrakyan graduated from PhysMath in 1978. Sedrakyan, who is considered to be one of the best mathematicians in the republic, says that he grew fond of mathematics while attending this school.

“And now we will do everything for the school’s reputation and activities to continue for as long as possible,” says Sedrakyan.

The ceremonies marking the school’s 40th anniversary continued at the YSU sitting hall where the school accepted congratulations from the state.

Minister of Education and Science Sergo Yeritsyan said in his speech of welcome: “During its 40 years of activities this educational establishment has trained specialists, individuals and activists. This school remains the best in Armenia, educating not only specialists but also individuals. PhysMath proves that Armenian education does exist, it was and will be one of the best education systems in the world, at least on the example of one school.”

Yerevan State University Rector Radik Martirosyan also hailed the school, calling it the “motive power” of the country’s physics and mathematics.