Winter Water World: Popular park expands for cold-weather indulgence

The popular Water World summer entertainment complex in Yerevan now has a winter variant, the “Aquatek” sport and entertainment complex.

Located above Water World on the highway leading to the Nor Nork district, Aquatek is the first covered water entertainment complex in Armenia.

Aquatek was opened in October by Water World owners the local X-group company, which also owns hotels, a shooting club, trade center and other enterprises throughout city.

Construction of the complex took four years and comprises the water zone, oriental sauna, fitness center, spa, hotel, restaurant and cafeteria.

The 500 square meters of the “water world” zone of Aquatek features a maritime theme with colorful chaise lounges alongside the swimming pools, jacuzees with azure bottom and water slides surrounded by tropical plants. The price for a one time visit ranges from 2,000-2,700 dram ($6-8) for children per three hours and 3,500 dram ($11) without time limit and from 4,000-5,500 dram ($13-16) per three hours for adults and 7,000 ($20) without time limits. Children below 100 centimeters in height are not charged. (The prices for “summer Water World” start at $12 without time limits.)

Spa Center “Aphrodite” offers a wide range of cosmetic services, from massage to cosmetic injections. For 34,000 dram ($100) visitors are offered indulgences that include exotic body rejuvenation procedures (while feasting on chocolate and grapes). The massages are offered with rice, honey and sea algae and range from $20- $60.

Ara Karapetyan, the marketing manager of Aquatek says their complex is built according to international standards by the security of water attractions, including cleanliness and safety of water, which reaches swimming pools through several stages of filtration.

Aquatek is a unique spot also because it is the only entertainment complex in Yerevan, where the whole territory is a “smoke free” area. Smoking is prohibited in a large foye, restaurants as well as in the rooms of the hotel.

“We well realize that the prohibition of smoking would dissatisfy many visitors. But since Aquatek deals with sport and health we decided it is better to lose some clients for the sake of the healthy environment for the rest of the visitors, especially since children often come. We do not want them to see people who relax by smoking right after they go out of swimming pools,” says Karapetyan who himself goes outside the complex to smoke.

Karapetyan says that Aquatek is the only one enclosed water entertainment complex in the Caucasian region.

“Probably the favorable mild climate and the immediate vicinity with sea make such entertainment spots unnecessary there. But we are convinced that Aquatek will get great popularity in Armenia.”

Karapetyan says Aquatek, specially created for the cold season will be operating even in the most severe winter days.(Aquatek will be open for visitors in summer as well.) The temperature of water is kept within 28 degrees Celsius (82.40 Fahrenheit) and the temperature of the whole space is above 30-31 Celsius (86 Fahrenheit).