Never again: World renowned singers will perform in commemoration of the Armenian Genocide victims

Renowned singer Flora Martirosyan plans to continue her “Never Again” series of concerts through 2015 – the the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, engaging the help of other notable artists.

At a press conference on Thursday in Yerevan, People’s Artist, Los Angeles-based singer Martirosyan said her concert on November 1 in Los Angeles was a big success.

Martirosyan who is also the founder of Artists for Peace Organization, says that cooperating with world-famous musicians and artists, ahead of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide she plans to once again attract the international community’s attention to the Armenian Genocide, violence committed against humanity, as well as to send a message of hope and peace to the world.

“In the future concerts are planned in Russia, Europe and some countries of the East, and in 2015 – in Armenia,” Martirosyan said.

Stevie Wonder, Arto Tunjboyajian (of Armenian Navy Band), two-time Grammy winner Eric Benet, poet, actor Michael Stone (brother of Sharon Stone; Martirosyan collaborated with Michael Stone earlier), and Greek singer Alexia Vassiliou participated in the concert in Los Angeles.

After the concert Stevie Wonder told journalists that he prays every day asking that no such crimes repeat again.

“I participate in this concert not as an Ambassador of Peace, as I am usually called, but rather as Stevie Wonder the individual. I am delighted and I have heard Flora Martirosyan singing with special pleasure. She has a unique and exceptional voice. It is more than pleasant for me to say that today I did not only get acquainted with the Armenian community, but I also got new friends. I have promised to write a new song for this great singer, and most probably it is going to be a duet by the two of us,” Wonder said.