''Grandma’s Tattoos'' film will be shown in more countries

''Grandma’s Tattoos'' film will be shown in more countries

''Grandma' s Tattoos'' film, making a great sensation in Turkey is expanding its geography, as Sweden Armenian Filmmaker Suzanne Khardalian said to Armenpress, the film had greater progress than was expected.

“Grandma’s Tattoos” (2011), a 58-minute-long documentary, chronicles Khardalian’s quest to uncover the atrocities that scarred her grandmother, a woman who bore “devilish marks”—tattoos on her face and hands—that were the persistent reminders of a time in captivity and rape during the Armenian Genocide.

Much of her experiences remain a mystery to her progeny, but the few tidbits Khardalian discovered years after her grandmother’s death are but a faint yet terrifying echo of the hellish occurrences that haunted the survivors to the grave.

''Grandma' s Tattoos'' was shown eight times by Al Jazeera TV which has millions of viewers. Khardalian said Turkey twice made attempts to hinder the demonstration of the film, yet they failed.

''I was very surprised when I learned the film is going to be shown in those countries, which comes to prove the audience aware of the film history is growing,”she says.

The movie that was shown in several cities in United States and Europe will be shown also in Japan, Poland and Greece.