Spanish municipality recognizes Armenian Genocide

Spanish municipality recognizes Armenian Genocide


Santa Margarida, a municipality in Spain, has officially recognized the Armenian Genocide, Armenia’s embassy in Madrid said.

The city demanded recognition also from Spain, based on the resolution adopted by the European Parliament.

The resolution passed by the European Parliament in April called on Turkey to acknowledge its past, while urging the European states to recognize the Ottoman-era killings of Armenians as genocide.

Santa Margarida’s resolution, in particular, said: “Considering that some governments, including those of Turkey and Spain, do not acknowledge the Armenian Genocide, considering that the crimes against humanity have no statute of limitation, taking into consideration that the Armenian the Armenian people have not received any economic, territorial or humanitarian reimbursement, taking into consideration that the Armenian Genocide is a precedent for the Holocaust, the genocides in Rwanda and the Balkans, the City Hall decides to support the genocide recognition and reimbursement, to demand from the Spanish Government to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide and organize the passage of this decision to international structures.”

Earlier this month, the Senate of Spain rejected the bill on the recognition of the Armenian Genocide with 130 votes “against” and 14 votes “in favor”, along with 68 abstentions. According to media reports, Spain’s ruling People’s Party was the only political force that voted against the bill tabled by Entesa, a political group active in the Catalonian region.