Vafa Guluzade: “US will get Azerbaijan as another adversary in the Muslim world because of supporting Karabakh”

Azerbaijani political analyst Vafa Guluzade says Azerbaijan is fed up with an unfair US position towards the Karabakh conflict.

“All efforts of the US in recent years have been aimed only at anti-Azerbaijani and anti-Turkish activities,” said the political analyst in an interview with, commenting on more than 30 US congressmen’s application for $10 million financial aid to Nagorno-Karabakh.

The letter of the congressmen was sent to the Congress and Senate committees on appropriations. The initiators are congressmen Frank Pallone and Frank LoBiondo. The US congressmen call for “attention to the situation in Artsakh” and approve the allocation of $10 million as humanitarian aid “to remove the consequences of Azerbaijani aggression in 1991-1994.”

“If these congressmen care so much about democracy and human rights, why don’t they pay attention to the state of Azerbaijani refugees and the fact of occupation? If the US allocates aid to Nagorno-Karabakh, their influence in Azerbaijan will collapse and it will be very difficult to restore it here. All this will lead to the US getting Azerbaijan as another adversary in the Muslim world. So, let the US administration think about the consequences of this step,” said Guluzade.