H1N1: Fifteen people in Armenia are diagnosed with swine flu

According to the Ministry of Health of Armenia, the number of people infected with H1N1, (commonly known as swine flue) in Armenia has reached 15, but officials insist there is no cause for panic and there is no epidemic in the country.

As Shushan Hunanyan, assistant to the Minister of Health of Armenia, told ArmeniaNow, currently eight people are undergoing a course of medical treatment at the Nork Infection hospital in Yerevan.

“It is most probable that some people will be discharged from hospital today,” Hunanyan says. “Doctors estimate the state of some patients to be normal; they are simply kept in the hospital to prevent the possible spread of the infection. The remaining seven patients have been discharged from hospital earlier.”

Hunanyan says 15 patients were diagnosed with swine flu, based on laboratory research, but those data were also sent to London for final confirmation.

“Being a member of the World Health Organization (WHO), Armenia, in order to officially announce the existence of H1N1 within its territory, must send the data of patients to a regional referent laboratory for research; in our case it is in London,” Hunanyan says.

Only after the official confirmation in London, WHO will decide when and how much vaccine it will give Armenia in order to vaccinate the target groups against the virus.